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Street Prize

B-Rhyl-liant Win

19 June 2022 - LL18 4JH - Rhyl - £30,000

June's draws are bursting with Street Prizes. Happy players are picking up golden envelopes and £30,000 wins every single day. Today's £30,000 Street Prize has made nine neighbours in Rhyl with postcode LL18 4JH jump for joy.

Seven of our winners scooped £30,000 each, while an eighth netted £60,000 and a ninth landed £90,000, all thanks to playing with two and three tickets respectively.

Over The Moon

Jayne was stunned after finding out that she'd won a massive £90,000. After the news had sunk in, she exclaimed, "I'm over the moon, I really am!

"It means I can give up a cleaning job. I was made redundant two years ago and I had to do a little job to help out as my husband is retired.

"We look after our grandchildren as well. Now we won't need to rush out of bed, this means I can look after them a bit more."

Jayne's first thoughts were about sharing her good news with her family. She said of one of her children, "I think my daughter is going to be bouncing, she'll be bouncing off the ceiling!"

With three grandchildren, there would be plenty of treats coming their way, too. She added, "My granddaughter will get a new iPad definitely. She never asks for anything. I always said, 'If nanny wins the lottery, you'll get a new iPad.' And she would always say, 'No, if you win the lottery, nanny, that money is yours.' So she'll get a new one."

When we asked what she'd buy for herself, Jayne said, "I've always wanted to go to Machu Picchu. And it would be nice to do a family holiday as well.

"We were thinking about scrimping money together for a holiday because we need it. We don't need to worry about scrimping now!"

Holiday Cruise

Our second winner, Katrina, couldn't believe her eyes after seeing her £30,000 prize. She said, "It's fantastic. It means everything to us, it really does. Winning that amount of money, it's life-changing."

Her partner Richard was with her when Street Prize Presenter Danyl Johnson revealed her cheque. Richard said, "You always think it's never going to happen to you and then it does."

The couple already had some ideas for their winnings. Katrina, a local countryside ranger, said, "We're definitely going to have a holiday. A cruise, we've never done a cruise, so we'd really like to try that."

With three children and six grandchildren they'd love to go on a family trip as well. Richard said, "We'd love to get us all together as we're never all together at the same time. It'll be nice."

When we asked if they had any other plans for their prize money, Richard, who runs his own handyman business, had a special purchase in mind. He said, "I would like a new DeWalt chop saw!" Katrina laughed and added, "He has been going on about that. I might get a new handbag!"

The couple were thrilled to hear that many of their neighbours had also won prizes. Richard said, "It's a really good community, people are so helpful. Neighbours look out for each other. It's really, really good.

"It wouldn't surprise me if there's a street party!"

Steak And Champagne

Retired nurse Jennifer and her partner James were practically speechless after Danyl revealed their £30,000 Street Prize cheque. Jennifer said, "It's overwhelming. I'm stuck for words. It's going to change our lives."

Along with treats for their family, the couple planned to use their winnings to make an upcoming camping trip extra special. Jennifer said, "We're going to France in July, we might extend it and go somewhere else."

James thought about updating their current caravan. He said, "We might upgrade it a bit. Something a little newer. Our one is 29 years old!"

When asked how they'd celebrate, Jennifer laughed and said, "A bottle of champagne for tonight! And a nice big, fat steak!"

Like A Dream

Devendrarajah, who works as a carer, netted a fantastic £60,000 as he played with two tickets. He couldn't believe his luck and said, "It was a surprise. When I got the cheque it was like a dream."

He was quick to explain what this would mean for his family. He said, "It means a lot. I can spend the money on my family. Family comes first always for me, always."

When asked what he might buy first, he joked that his son would be hoping for a PlayStation 5. Instead, he had a special holiday in mind. He said, "I've been dreaming of a cruise for a long time so I'm going to do that. The whole family will enjoy that."

Lovely Surprise

Neighbour Jim learned of his £30,000 win alongside his daughter Suzzanne. He said, "It's absolutely fantastic. It's very surreal, it's been a lovely surprise."

Jim planned to use some of his prize money to treat his children and grandchildren. He said, "We'll probably go for a little holiday somewhere. I don't know where yet because it's a bit of a shock at the moment."

Glasgow-born Jim also wanted to arrange another trip. He said, "I'll probably go back up to Scotland again to see my other family as well, so that will be nice."

He was thrilled to hear that People's Postcode Lottery players, like himself, had raised over £900 Million for charities and good causes. He said, "It's really good to be part of something that other people are going to benefit from. It's not just about me and the other winners, it's about helping everyone else. That's what it's all about."

Danyl Johnson was in Rhyl to deliver our Street Prizes. He said, "What a fantastic surprise to round off your week! I am so pleased for our Rhyl winners and I'm sure they are going to have an amazing time with their winnings."

Thousands Of Deserving Projects

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted by Postcode International Trust, which provides regular grant funding to organisations that work to alleviate poverty, hunger and enable food security. Supported charities include ActionAid, British Red Cross and Mary's Meals.

With People's Postcode Lottery, 33% of the ticket price goes to charities and good causes. Our players have funded over 9,000 deserving projects across Britain and around the world.

If you haven't signed up to play yet, it's quick and easy to join the fun. Winning postcodes are announced every single day and we have thousands of happy winners every week. See How It Works or check out the amazing Prizes which you could win.

Published: 19/06/2022

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