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Postcode Millions

From Kidderminster To Quidderminster

29 September 2018 - DY10 1NP - Kidderminster - £3 Million

This weekend saw hundreds of Kidderminster residents win a lottery windfall as the postcode sector DY10 1 shared People's Postcode Lottery's £3 Million prize. 419 winners landed a share of the money, with winnings ranging from £3,318 to a whopping £250,000. People's Postcode Lottery Presenters Judie McCourt and Danyl Johnson were among the team knocking on doors to surprise people with their cheques.

The full winning postcode, DY10 1NP, bagged 11 lucky players the biggest prizes of the day. Ten of them won £125,000 each and the eleventh won £250,000 thanks to playing with two tickets.

Mark, a self-employed electrician, dropped to the ground in shock when he was presented with the cheque for £125,000. He said, "I'm absolutely over the moon. I've had a difficult year with my mum sadly passing away, and breaking my foot. This will let me have a fresh start and treat myself to a holiday in Italy with my girlfriend Kerstin. My 1950s vintage car also needs a spruce up which I can do now too!"

Mark plays double bass in a local band and says he will be treating his band mates along with his three children, who are all in their twenties. "The guys in the band won't believe this. I'm playing a gig tonight and I've no idea if I'll be able to play after the shock of today! I'm thrilled to win but the real enjoyment will come from sharing the money with my family and friends."

Teaching assistant Lisa was another one of the lucky £125,000 winners and was joined by her husband Darren when the Postcode Lottery team visited. On receiving her cheque, she said, "My legs have gone to jelly! I can't believe it, it's absolutely amazing. I've been very unwell for the past six months so it's been quite a tough year and this will make such a difference.

"I've got 14-year-old twin boys so I'm sure they'll have lots of ideas of what to spend it on – I think a family holiday to Florida might be on the cards."

William and his wife Jane were equally as shocked. William said, "When we found out we'd won something we tried to keep our expectations low, so this is beyond our wildest dreams. We have two children and three grandchildren, so it would be amazing to get them all together and go on holiday – I think we'll let them decide where."

Christopher Y is recently retired so the win came at a brilliant time. He said, "My wife Sue and I are going on holiday to Crete first thing tomorrow so we'll definitely be doing some celebrating while we're there! This will make a big difference to our retirement, we'll be able to treat ourselves and go on a few more holidays. We've got two children and two grandchildren so it's lovely that we'll be able to help them out a bit too."

Natalie and her dad Christopher O, who lives next door, both won the big prize. She said, "You never think it will be you but when it is it's the most fantastic feeling! With my dad winning too I think we'll be having a big family celebration tonight, we might even get some fireworks."

Amanda will also be using her win to go to a dream holiday destination. "I've always wanted to go to Croatia and now I can take my friend away with me too. I think I'll even buy myself a new sports car too - it's still a bit early for me to retire so I may as well reward myself!"

The four other neighbours in who were in the full winning postcode were not available. The remaining 408 winners picked up between £3,318 and £9,954.

Danyl said, "What a fantastic day we have had in Kidderminster! With 11 players in the winning postcode, we've had a lot of very big cheques to present today and some wonderful reactions. I think there's going to be some celebrating going on tonight."

With 32% of the ticket price going to charity, People's Postcode Lottery players have raised an incredible £340 Million for charities and good causes. This prize is part of a draw promoted by Postcode Heroes Trust.

A number of local projects have received support from players, including Highway Hope. The group received £15,000 last year to empower disadvantaged families to make the transition from food bank dependency to independence.

It wasn't just Kidderminster residents who were smiling this weekend. £30,000 prizes were won in two different postcodes in Saturday's Street Prize and Sunday's Street Prize.

If you haven't signed up to play People's Postcode Lottery, take a look at How It Works. You can also check out all the amazing Prizes to be won every single month. Sign up to play and you could be a big winner too!

Published: 29/09/2018

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