How To Donate A TV Or Computer To Charity

From Ultra HD TVs and fingerprint sensors for unlocking our computers, to speakers that can control almost everything in our homes, technology is moving forward at a relentless pace. So, if you've not already got an old or ageing TV or computer that's ready to be handed on, it might only be a matter of time. When that time does come, many wonder if they can help a good cause through giving their device away. The great news is that, yes, you can!

Why Donate A TV Or Computer To Charity?

Computer donation is a great idea if you're getting rid of a laptop, desktop or even a games console you no longer need. A charity might be able to sell it to raise some money, or pass it on to another recipient who doesn't have the ability to buy one for themselves.

By the same token, you can also donate a TV to charity, who'll hand it on to a good home. You may struggle to sell a second-hand TV yourself due to some of the bargain offers on new ones, but charity shops can be in a better position to do so.

How To Donate A TV Or Computer To Charity


Some charities are unable to accept donations of computers with hard drives, or electrical appliances that plug into the mains, so check with a chosen charity online, in person, or through a phone call first. You may find that your old things can be sent to someone in a developing country, or a homeless charity that's helping someone start a new life.


Although schools in the UK are usually awash with modern computers, that's certainly not the case in other places around the world. You may be able to donate your old computer to an organisation that helps to bridge the digital divide between developed and developing countries. Or, there may be an older student in the UK, such as someone taking a university course, who could benefit enormously from an unwanted laptop.


Whether you're going directly to a care home or to a charity like The Silver Line, you may wish to donate a TV or computer to the older generation. Even if your item isn't working exactly how it should be, it may be possible for it to be repaired or refurbished before it moves on to a new owner.


If you've replaced an old TV or computer, don't hide it away under your bed or in the loft for a few years before deciding it's time to finally let it go. Due to how fast the world of technology is moving, electronic items lose their value and usability quickly. For example, a charity will be able to get more cash for a three-year-old computer than one that's six years old.


Before you donate a computer to charity, wipe the hard drive to ensure all of your personal information, data and documents have been erased. You can make a back-up on an external hard drive before doing this to save everything you need or want to keep.


Whether you're donating a TV or computer to a charity such as the British Red Cross or Oxfam GB, try to include all of the necessary manuals, cables, monitors, keyboards and software. This can either help with the value of an item, or allow a new recipient to get off to a great start with it.


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