How To Help Addiction Charities

There are many reasons why addiction can set in, and many ways in which it can be so detrimental to someone's quality of life. Addiction covers a wide range of things, including alcohol, drugs and gambling, and has the potential to ruin lives and destroy families.

Why Volunteer With An Addiction Charity?

No one chooses to become addicted to something, and few people are prepared for the consequences it can lead to. Luckily, there are charities that are ready to offer help to people when they need it most.

If you decide to volunteer with an addiction charity, you can help people to move past their problems and live a better, healthier life. Volunteering can be hugely rewarding, and allow you to learn new skills while making new friendships. You may even find yourself catapulted along a new career path.

Train As A Counsellor Or Support Worker

Some of the UK's leading addiction charities offer a pathway to gaining qualifications in fields such as drug and alcohol counselling. If you're interested in this, you could start off volunteering as a support worker, before progressing towards becoming a counsellor. Providing help, support and guidance to people as they bid to beat their addiction and move on with their lives can be a very enriching experience.

Volunteer At A Rehab Centre

Although you need qualifications for certain roles that help people deal with addiction, there are other things you could do to help at a rehabilitation centre. You may be able to help with tasks like maintaining buildings or gardens, although donating your time if you have counselling skills would of course be much appreciated.

Volunteer With A Homeless Charity

Unfortunately, addiction can often lead to homelessness. Charities such as Crisis work hard to help people get themselves off the streets and move forward into a better life, which can include dealing with their addiction. Whether you're assisting in a classroom, gardening, passing on social media skills or helping people from abroad with residency issues, there are lots of different roles you could get involved with.

Help A Young Person Recover From Addiction

Addition doesn't only affect the addict themselves. It can tear families apart and leave children homeless. Depaul UK works hard to combat youth homelessness, providing safe accommodation to protect youngsters from harm, as well as the chance to realise their potential through education, training and jobs. Volunteering your time with a charity like this or offering out a spare room is a great way to help out.

Things To Know Before You Volunteer

You might feel that you may struggle to cope with the stresses of being surrounded by addiction, but you'll receive thorough training prior to being in this position.

Where To Get Started

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