Volunteering For Children's Charities In Birmingham

Despite being one of the UK's largest and most prosperous cities, Birmingham is also home to some of the most deprived communities in the country. Many families are struggling to make ends meet. It's currently estimated that nearly half of all children in Birmingham are living in relative poverty.

Why Volunteer For A Children's Charity In Birmingham?

Thankfully, there are many wonderful UK children's charities that offer valuable assistance to young people and their families. Kids' charities in Birmingham don't just provide access to health and support facilities and activities and education programmes that aim to help improve a child's chances in the life. There are also numerous organisations that do life-saving work with those who have suffered abuse or neglect.

These charities urgently need support from kind members of the public, who can give up their time or contribute their skills. As well as becoming a volunteer in Birmingham at one of the charities listed below, you could also show your support by playing People's Postcode Lottery. Our players help some truly wonderful organisations do amazing work.

Children's Charities In Birmingham That Need Your Support

Aspire Sports Trust

Aspire Sports Trust was founded in 2013, with the aim of transforming the lives of children and young people through sport. The charity runs fitness programmes and projects in disadvantaged areas of the city. These not only improve kids' health and wellbeing but also lower the rate of youth crime, by getting youngsters off the streets and out the way of trouble.

By getting children involved in fun team sports, Aspire Sports Trust are able to meet others and develop important social and leadership skills that will benefit them in later life. The charity also runs an 'Aspire to Africa' programme that operates in disadvantaged communities across Africa, to provide the same amazing services as in Birmingham.

Aspire Sports Trust are always in need of Birmingham volunteers to help out with fundraising. The charity also requires extra pairs of hands in their head office, as well as for local projects. They regularly partner with schools who are looking to support a local charity through teacher challenges, sponsored events or bake sales. Why not see if your local school is interested? People's Postcode Lottery's generous players funded Aspire Sports Trust with a grant of £18,900 last year.


Barnardo's is a nationwide children's charity that offers a variety of support options for deprived or exploited kids, as well as those living in poverty. The charity's network of carers and volunteers are able to assist both children and their families in both big and small ways. These range from counselling services and advice for struggling parents, through to children's centres that offer a safe space for young kids to play.

Barnardo's is one of the largest children's charities we support, and so far our players have helped raise over £1 Million to support its incredible services. As well as helping Barnardo's by playing People's Postcode Lottery, you can assist them by looking for local volunteering positions on the charity's website, or by shopping and donating items to its two Birmingham-based charity shops.   


Every child deserves a safe and supportive environment in which to develop and have fun. Youngstars, a local Birmingham kids' charity, provides just that. The charity run a fantastic youth club in Castle Vale, one of the city's most deprived estates, that not only allows kids to socialise after school but also get involved with their own charitable projects.

Youngstars runs various programmes that get local kids involved, through creating events and raising funds to support deprived kids across the world as well as in their own communities. In the past, the charity has fundraised for Macmillan, and has also helped purchase Christmas presents for disadvantaged children.

The youth group also runs a school holiday scheme that provides fun trips and activities for a small fee. You could get in touch to volunteer your time at the Youngstars youth centre, or help organise an upcoming fundraising event. This fantastic organisation has received £20,000 funding from our players.

Perry Beeches Swimming Club

This fun non-profit kids' charity is based in North Birmingham and aims to teach kids how to swim in a friendly and supportive environment. Perry Beeches Swimming Club offers swimming lessons for children and babies. Many go on to compete for the club in regional competitions across the Midlands.

The Perry Beeches Swimming Club is run entirely by volunteers and is largely funded by donations, along with money raised by the small annual membership fee required to use the pool and its classes. One of the best ways to help the swimming club is by getting involved in fundraising. If you're a qualified swimming instructor, you could also volunteer as a teacher at the club or simply assist at a swimming meet.

How Can You Help

There are numerous volunteering opportunities in Birmingham with children's charities, all of which do amazing work. You can find more organisations near you simply by browsing our Local Causes directory. If you haven't got the time to commit on a regular basis, why not show your support by signing up to play?