Volunteering For Children's Charities In Edinburgh

Why Volunteer at a Children's Charity in Edinburgh?

According to Save the Children, one in four children in Scotland are growing up in poverty. Fortunately, Edinburgh has some fantastic children's charities working to change that. These organisations offer support to disadvantaged kids, from those growing up without parents or in abusive households, to those living with disabilities or limited opportunities.

We're proud that People's Postcode Lottery players have raised a huge amount of money for organisations across the UK, many of which work with children in need. Every time you play you'll be helping, as money from every ticket sale goes directly to good causes. This includes charities and good causes based or operating within Edinburgh.

If you'd like to assist a children's charity in Edinburgh in a more hands-on way, we've rounded up a few fantastic organisations in the city that are always in need of volunteers.

Children's Charities in Edinburgh That Need Your Help

Children 1st

Formerly known as the Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (RSSPCC), this amazing organisation is Scotland's number one charity for supporting children in need. Its ethos is to help families put their kids first and nurture them, by providing vital support and practical advice on childcare, health, and education.

Children 1st also extend a helping hand to adults who experienced neglect or abuse during their childhood, by offering recovery services and counselling. In 2017 alone, it helped over 8,000 kids, young adults and parents who needed aid due to neglect, abuse, poverty or other issues. The £5 Million given to the charity by People's Postcode Lottery players thus far has been invaluable in helping it to do this.

You can assist Children 1st in their work by getting involved in a fundraising charity event in Edinburgh, or by organising your own challenge in the city. Alternatively, why not join the group of more than 400 volunteers and help answer Children 1st's helpline phones, befriend families in need, or become a mentor?

Tailor Ed Foundation

The Tailor Ed Foundation is a unique charity that was set up in 2009 to help families in Edinburgh that are raising kids with autism. It's often a very misunderstood disorder that can present many challenges in daily life, for both the kids and their parents.

Tailor Ed Foundation empowers parents and gives their kids access to experiences and resources that help them develop important life skills. The charity runs various programmes for both young kids and teens, as well as organised play sessions and support groups for parents. Through its work, the organisation demonstrates how a child with autism can enjoy a happy life and still experience the things that others take for granted.

This amazing organisation relies on donations to run and is always keen for more volunteers to help with fundraising and campaigns. If you own a local business, why not get in touch to see how you could support an event? You'll also be supporting the charity when you play People's Postcode Lottery - it received a total of £7,600 from our players in 2018.

Edinburgh University Children's Holiday Venture

If you're a student in Edinburgh looking for a way to give back to the local community, this university-run children's charity is a great one to get involved with. The Edinburgh University Children's Holiday Venture (CHV) has been going for over 50 years and organises fun and educational activity trips for disadvantaged children across the city.

For over 50 years, CHV has helped kids living in deprived areas of Edinburgh like Craigmillar, Pilton and Muirhouse to have fun, make friends and experience new things through a range of free activity outings. From bowling and trampolining to arts and crafts workshops, it coordinates free fortnightly trips with the help of volunteers and the charity's two minibuses.

If you're a student, you can get involved by becoming a volunteer and assisting with the activity trips. We're incredibly proud that, in 2018, our players were able to give £2,500 to make these experiences happen.

Save the Children

This global children's charity needs no introduction. Started in 1919, to assist starving children in Germany and Austria after the First World War, Save the Children has grown to protect kids across the planet living in difficult situations or in need of a lifeline.

To date, People's Postcode Lottery players have raised over £6 Million for this incredible organisation. If you'd like to do even more to help, there are several ways to make an impact. You can join in with Save the Children's fundraising efforts at runs and competitions, help spread the word about campaigns and emergency appeals using posters and social media, or take up one of their many volunteering positions locally.

Save the Children operate across the country and have an office in Edinburgh city centre, as well as charity shops. Why not offer to do a shift there, or volunteer as a steward at a charity event in Edinburgh?

How Can You Help?

You can do your bit to make sure kids in Scotland achieve the future they deserve. To see what's happening in the area, take a look at our Local Causes directory.