Volunteering For Children's Charities In Leeds

Leeds may be a relatively prosperous city, but it's still home to many thousands of children who need our help. In 2018, it was revealed that the city has some of the worst rates of child poverty in the UK, with the figure being 50% in some of its more deprived areas.

Why Volunteer For A Children's Charity In Leeds?

To help turn that figure around, children's charities in Leeds work tirelessly to provide incredibly important services to both kids and their families. To keep themselves running, these organisations need all the help they can get through fundraising and the work of volunteers.

As well as taking a look at the following kids' charities when you volunteer in Leeds, why not sign up to play People's Postcode Lottery? Our players have raised millions of pounds for some amazing children's charities.

Children's Charities In Leeds That Need Your Support

Leeds Baby Bank

Ensuring a child has a bright future starts from the moment they are born. Leeds Baby Bank knows the importance of this, and therefore offers multiple services to those who have children aged four and under and who are struggling financially.

Ways in which the charity can help include providing food and feeding equipment, as well as other key items like clothes, nappies, cots and pushchairs. One of the best ways to aid Leeds Baby Bank is by donating high quality items. You could also volunteer in the charity's centre in Leeds, to help sort through donations and distribute them. Our players were able to give this deserving organisation £20,000 last year.

Kidz Klub Leeds

Founded over 18 years ago, Kidz Klub Leeds is an amazing charity that actively supports children, helping them to grow and develop to reach their full potential. This is achieved through weekly Kidz Klub sessions, community projects, school visits and through the charity's young leaders programme.

The charity runs four Kidz Klubs across Leeds. This means it's able to offer around 500 children a space to socialise, get creative and learn life skills by staying away from crime and completing school - each and every week.

Kidz Klub often needs volunteers to help at the clubs or to assist with home visits. You could also get involved through fundraising, either by organising your own challenge or helping out with an existing event. Because it's such a worthy cause, our players have raised £6,685 for this charity to date.

Getaway Girls

Getaway Girls is a Leeds charity that specifically aims to empower girls and young women aged 11-25 living in the city. The charity does this through outreach, support groups and individual counselling sessions which assist in developing girls' confidence and skills.

The organisation works with girls from all backgrounds, and provides a safe space where they can relax and feel at home. Getaway Girls run fun activity programmes during the school holidays, as well as age-based community group get-togethers where girls can meet others of a similar age.

Getaway Girls often runs its own fundraising events, but also welcomes individual participation in major fundraising events on its behalf. You could also help the organisation out by donating items such as clothing, or equipment for their activity sessions.

Leeds Children's Charity

Leeds Children's Charity assists children and young people across the city in many ways, from helping those who have been abused or neglected, to supporting those who have had to become young carers for a family member.

The charity makes sure kids who have been deprived of a normal childhood are able to feel happy and carefree, by offering week-long respite breaks in rural or seaside locations. During these breaks, children take part in fun, confidence boosting activities, and also socialise and build relationships with other kids - something they may not have had much chance to do otherwise.

Leeds Children's Charity operates through donations and amazing volunteers who help with fundraising. People's Postcode Lottery players have given £15,000 to date. Get involved with an event, or become a Friend of Leeds Children's Charity, where you'll assist with the day-to-day running of the organisation.

How Can You Help

Take a look at our Local Causes directory for a more comprehensive list of children's charities in the UK that require your support. You can also sign up to play People's Postcode Lottery, as our players provide funding to a number of fantastic children's charities.