Volunteering For Homeless Charities In Bolton

Why Volunteer at a Homeless Charity in Bolton?

From those who find themselves unable to gain employment, to veterans who miss out on vital support, there are many out there who may have to resort to living on the streets. Homelessness is something that can affect anyone at any point in their lives when things like jobs, families and relationships break down. Many young people are now sleeping rough with over 100,000 across the UK asking for help from their local councils in the last year.

Greater Manchester has a growing problem with homelessness, especially in larger towns like Bolton. But thanks to the efforts of some wonderful homeless charities, many people have been helped off the streets and given a shot at a better life.

Playing People's Postcode Lottery is a great way of helping a person in need, as funds from every ticket sold go to thousands of great causes around the UK. Our players raised £93 Million in 2017 alone. But if you'd like to help a local homeless charity in a more hands-on way, find out more about how you could volunteer for organisations in Bolton.

Homeless Charities in Bolton That Need Your Support

Neighbourhood Investment in Community Enterprise

Bolton's Neighbourhood Investment in Community Enterprise (NICE) was launched to empower those living in the area, through providing support such as employment and accommodation opportunities. NICE works with multiple organisations and groups to provide assistance and resources to disadvantaged individuals, alongside input into important community projects.

There are numerous ways that you can assist NICE:

  • Donate old clothes, equipment and furniture that will then be distributed to families within Bolton,
  • Take on administrative jobs,
  • Cooking for people in need,
  • Help with computer-related tasks – word processing, spreadsheets, website, posters or leaflets,
  • Use your skills to run an activity workshop in the community, or
  • Work in the Bolton NICE food bank – (open seven days and nights a week).

Help for the organisation has also come from players of People's Postcode Lottery. In 2018, the organisation received £18,000 from our amazing players.


Operating across the UK, Crisis is a well-known charity that funds support services for the homeless, from housing schemes to employment workshops. It helps more than 10,000 people every year to get off the streets and rebuild their lives. At Christmas time, Crisis even opens dedicated centres across the country that provide homeless people with somewhere warm to sleep, as well as hot meals and advice services.

Crisis is just one of the thousands of charities that benefit when you play People's Postcode Lottery. Players have raised more than £1 Million for this deserving cause to date. Other ways to show your support for this homeless charity include getting involved with fundraising by organising an event or challenge. You could also back their campaigns on social media, or volunteer as a bucket collector in and around Bolton.

Backup North West

Homelessness can affect people of all ages, and Backup North West (formerly known as the Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme) specifically sets out to help those aged 16 to 25, who currently are homeless, or are at risk of ending up so.

The organisation was started up in 1992 and it now runs seven accommodation projects across Bolton. Through these schemes, it provides up to 450 young people each year with a safe place to live. Backup's work also extends to other support services, addressing issues such as mental health, domestic abuse, and unemployment, so that more people can improve their chances in life.

As well as assisting with events and supporting the charity's campaigns, you could also do your bit by becoming part of Backup North West's Guardian Scheme. Launched in 2016, it's a way for members of the public to help out a young homeless person by offering support, donations for vital equipment, or simply by being a listening ear.

We're incredibly proud that People's Postcode Lottery players contributed £20,000 to this organisation in 2018.

Bolton Armed Forces Centre 4 Veterans

This amazing charity provides veterans with a welcoming place to seek valuable advice, whether it's about securing accommodation, receiving training to make them more employable, or talking about issues that may be affecting them physically or emotionally.

Bolton Armed Forces Centre 4 Veterans is run by veterans who understand exactly what their clients are going through and what sort of assistance they may need. Through discussions and referrals, they aim to support veterans and their families and prevent them from becoming homeless.

One of the best ways to help Bolton Armed Forces Centre 4 Veterans do their work is to refer anyone you come across who may need their support. You could fundraise for them or support their local events. This deserving charity received £2,000 from our players in 2018.

How Can You Help?

Playing People's Postcode Lottery is a fun and easy way to donate to many worthy charities around the UK. To see what's happening in your area, take a look at our Local Causes directory.