Volunteering For Homeless Charities In York


Going hungry and living on the street is a fate that no one deserves. Sadly, though, there are thousands of people in the UK at any one time who are homeless and desperately need our support.

Homelessness is not only seen in big metropolises like London, but also in smaller cities such as York. Like most places around the country, York has seen a rise in the number of rough sleepers recently, and therefore more help than ever is needed to tackle the issue locally.

Playing People's Postcode Lottery is a wonderful way to help York's homeless charities, as funds from every ticket sale go to thousands of organisations locally and across the UK. But you could also do more. Volunteering, fundraising or campaigning are all excellent ways of contributing to the city's efforts to eliminate homelessness. Read on to discover some of the wonderful charities in York that could use your help.



FareShare is the largest charity in the UK dedicated to combatting food waste and redistributing it to people in need. Through partnerships in the food industry, it's able to source surplus food that would otherwise be burnt for energy or fed to livestock, and use it to help feed the hungry.

The organisation first started up nearly 25 years ago and now provides over 36 million meals for vulnerable and disadvantaged people each year. It has centres across the UK, including in Yorkshire, that repackage food and distribute it to various charitable organisations, including homeless shelters and community cafes.

FareShare Yorkshire requires huge teams of volunteers to pick, pack and deliver food at the Leeds distribution centre, as well as assist with admin tasks and publicity. Players of People's Postcode Lottery have supported this deserving cause – the charity received £19,700 in funding last year.


This local York charity has been running for over 30 years and helps provide food, clothing and friendship to the city's homeless and disadvantaged. Known locally as the 'Carebears', it runs a breakfast centre at the Central Methodist Church which is open during the morning from Monday to Saturday.

As well as offering up vital provisions, Carecent also has a team of volunteers who are on hand to give advice and liaise with other organisations that offer much–needed services. The charity also regularly organises trips to locations around Yorkshire, giving people in need worthwhile days out.

Assisting Carecent with their work is easy thanks to various volunteering opportunities in the centre including preparing breakfasts and tidying up after food has been served. You could also support the organisation by getting involved with fundraising or by donating breakfast food items and clothing.


Restore York is a Christian charity that was set up to provide safe accommodation and other housing support services to vulnerable people in the city. It has helped reduce the number of rough sleepers in York by working in partnership with housing services and landlords to provide eight homes specifically for the homeless.

If you like the idea of volunteering with Restore York, the charity is always in need of people to assist with tasks such as admin, upkeep of the homes and mentoring. Extra hands at fundraising charity events in York are also welcome, as is spreading the word to others about their work.


Signing up to play People's Postcode Lottery is a fantastic way to help many charities across the UK. If you're interested in working with organisations close to home, why not take a look at our Local Causes directory?