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Life-Saving Dogs

Our players support Medical Detection Dogs which trains incredible canines to sniff out life-threatening conditions
Medical Detection Dogs trains canines to detect even the tiniest smells associated with many life-threatening conditions

Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to save lives by using their amazing sense of smell. The charity's world-leading Bio Detection Dogs detect even the tiniest smells associated with cancers and many other diseases such as malaria, Parkinson's and bacterial infections. This work could lead to early diagnosis and faster, cheaper, non-invasive testing.

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are partnered with people with life-threatening conditions like Type 1 diabetes, PoTS disease or Addison's disease. They alert their human partner to a change in their smell which indicates that a potentially fatal event is about to happen, saving their lives daily and giving them independence and their families peace of mind.

Amazing Canines

Players of People's Postcode Lottery have enabled Medical Detection Dogs to extend its support even further by recruiting regional fundraising and volunteering staff to ensure that wherever you live, you can get actively involved with the charity.  

Lizzie Draper, who's dog Henry alerts her to her complex autonomic function disorder, PoTS, said, "Life before Henry wasn't much of a life - suffering blackouts without warning, sometimes several times a day, meant that I was watching all my friends go to uni, get married and have babies while myself living a childlike existence and barely able to go out. Since being partnered with Henry I have got a university degree, am now considering a masters and have my independence back. I can't thank Medical Detection Dogs enough, what they do is life saving and life changing."

Superb Causes

If you're interested in playing People's Postcode Lottery, why not check out How It Works and join the fun? Our players can win amazing Prizes every day, as well as helping deserving charities.

Published: 17/02/2020

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