Two Hove neighbours got lucky this weekend and collected big cheques from People's Postcode Lottery. Postcode BN3 8JF was drawn as the latest Sunday Street Prize winner. One winner scooped £30,000 while the other, who plays with two tickets, won £60,000.

Patricia Rhodes, 82, was presented with her cheque for £60,000 by ambassador Jeff Brazier. "I'm in total shock," she said. "It's the most wonderful thing to happen."

Patricia, who plays with two tickets, has a few ideas on how to spend the money. "I can get rid of the mortgage and I'll be going to buy myself some lovely new clothes at the weekend.

"Someone drove into my son's car recently and so he had to buy a new one," she continued. "I'd like to pay off his new car and maybe even buy him a shirt! I have some really good friends and I am so excited to tell them how much I've won.”

Patricia's neighbour, John Packham, was equally shocked to find out that he'd won £30,000. "It was a real surprise," he said. "It was so easy to play that I thought I might as well sign up and I'm very glad I did!"

John, a retired police dog handler, said, "I've decided to try and pay off the mortgage, give some to local charities and treat my sons with the money. It's been really nice to celebrate with my neighbour too!"

People's Postcode Lottery Ambassador, Jeff Brazier said, "I really enjoyed meeting John and Patricia today. They were both very excited to see me and find out how much they had won. I know they'll have a great time spending the money."

With People's Postcode Lottery, a minimum of 30% of the ticket price goes to good causes. To date, players have raised an amazing £205 Million for charities across Great Britain and internationally.

One local cause that has received support from players is The Brunswick Town Charitable Trust, which was awarded £19,928 last year for a volunteer training programme.

On Saturday, a trio of neighbours from Great Lumley picked up amazing £30,000 wins with our Street Prize.

Jeff with our lucky Hove Street Prize winners

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