Two players in Leeds are delighted today as their postcode, LS10 3UE, was drawn as this week's Saturday Street Prize winner.

Brian Morris, 68, was shocked to win £25,000 after playing People's Postcode Lottery for less than a month. "It was a great decision to sign up when I did," he said. "I can't believe I've won so soon."

A retired security worker, Brian has a couple of ideas how he will spend his money. "My wife is from Kenya and we haven't travelled there together since 2007," he said. "I would love to organise a trip around Christmas time to visit her family and to go on safari. My wife and young daughter are over there at the moment, but I couldn't afford to go too. It will be a lovely surprise for them when they return."

There was one other winner who was unavailable when the team from People's Postcode Lottery called. Their prize money will be deposited directly into their bank account.

People's Postcode Lottery Street Prize presenter Judie McCourt said, "I really enjoyed meeting Brian today and learning how he plans to spend his winnings. He has a big family to celebrate with, and I hope he gets his travel plans sorted."

Players have raised over £75.6 Million for charities and good causes across Great Britain and internationally. One charity just a mile from Brian to receive funding is Community Matters Yorkshire, which was awarded £1,900 from players for its 'Let's Talk Money' project. Community Matters Leeds is a hub for learning, support, advice and guidance for children and families in Leeds West Yorkshire. The charity used its funding to build on their current services, providing workshops for families about finance and budgeting.

Brian Morris in Leeds was the lucky winner of £25,000 this weekend

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