Three certainly is the magic number for residents of Newport. A trio of lucky residents got their hands on almost £1 Million when their postcode, NP20 3BJ, won the Postcode Millions in October.

Yet it wasn't just the trio who won big. A further 39 postcode sector players won their share of the total £2 Million prize fund, each walking away with cheques ranging from £3,130 to £62,600.

A newly qualified nurse won £333,333 in the Postcode Millions draw. Jacqui Howell, 41, said of her win, "It's a new life for us. I can't tell you how difficult the last few years have been for us all while I was studying at university. Money has been so tight, and the kids have gone without, so now I will be able to spoil my family,cut down my extra hours and be at home more often."

Husband Dave, 43, a deputy manager at Newport homeless hostel Solas, said of his wife, "I really think she is wonder woman. For the last five years, she has been working night shifts at the local nursing bank, then going to university and studying for the day, before coming home and being a mum."

Howell was one of three people playing in the full winning postcode NP20 3BJ to each walk away with cheques of £333,333.

Sector prize winner Tannya McMichael-Bratt, who earlier in the day won £21,910, was brought back onto the stage to be presented with the keys to a brand new BMW 1 Series.

South Wales has certainly had a run of good luck recently. In April, players in Port Talbot, just 42 miles down the road from Newport, shared a fantastic £2 Million prize pot. These two wins, just over six months apart, mean that players in the region will have won a staggering total of £4 Million with the Postcode Lottery.

Winner Jacqui Howell and husband Dave with their £333,333 cheque

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