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How it Works

Playing People's Postcode Lottery is easy and fun! 


Your ticket is based on your postcode. Tickets cost £10 per month for 10 draws. Your ticket can win cash prizes every single day.


In our Saturday Street Prize draws, every ticket in one postcode wins £25,000. You play in two Saturday Street Prizes every weekend. Each day Monday to Friday, Daily Prize winning tickets in 5 different postcodes collect £1,000 each. In Postcode Millions, one lucky postcode sector shares a massive £3 Million prize. Every month, one winner drives away a BMW and tickets in the winner's postcode win £5,000 cheques. Monthly, tickets in one lucky postcode also win £5,000 Dream Holiday prizes.



You pay in advance by monthly direct debit, debit/credit card or PayPal payment. When you win, we transfer the money straight into your bank account.


By playing, you support beneficiaries who fund fantastic charities and deserving community projects. A minimum of 27.5% of the ticket price goes directly to charities. Our players have raised over £118 Million for charities.



If you have any questions about costs, signing up, prizes, draws, payments or tickets, see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.

Thousands Of Winners Every Week

Our Street Prize draws takes place every Saturday. Every ticket in one lucky postcode wins £25,000. There's two Street Prize draws, and two chances to win £25,000, every Saturday. On a Sunday, every ticket can win £100, £50, £20 or £10. During the week, with our Daily Prize, every ticket in five lucky postcodes wins £1,000.

In 2016, we have massive Postcode Millions events every month. These spectacular draws have £3 Million prize pots. In the Postcode Millions draws, tickets in the winning postcode area share the prize. The more tickets you play, the greater your share of the prize fund.

Finally, as if that wasn't enough, every month, one lucky player drives away a BMW 1 Series car and every ticket in the winner's postcode picks up £5,000. Also every month, tickets in one postcode win a £5,000 Dream Holiday prize.

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