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Refer A Friend To People's Postcode Lottery

Our Refer A Friend scheme is open to all People’s Postcode Lottery players. It’s really quick and easy to register for this programme. Once registered, you can refer your friends so they receive a reward if they sign up and play for the first time. And, even better, you’ll receive a reward too. We’re currently offering a range of gift cards as rewards - and you can pick the one you want. Please note that to claim your free gift card, both the referrer and referee are required to have separate email addresses.

Do you want to know more about our Refer A Friend scheme?

Here’s more details on how it works:

How does the People’s Postcode Lottery Refer A Friend scheme work?

To take part in our Refer A Friend scheme and earn rewards, you first need to register for the scheme. It’s really simple and just takes seconds to do - you just need to tell us your first name, your surname and your email address. We’ll need to check you are currently playing People's Postcode Lottery so please use the same details as you used to set up your ticket.

Once you’ve registered, you can instantly start to refer your friends.

There are a few different ways in which you can do this.

Word of Mouth

If you like, you can just tell your friends and ask them to enter your name when they sign up online. There’s a link “Been referred by a friend?” in the first step of the webpages for joining People’s Postcode Lottery (underneath the place where people tell us their postcode).

Your friend should click on that link and enter your name. If there happen to be two players with your name, we might need your friend to tell us your email address too - so make sure they know it!


If you choose email, clicking that button will pop up the beginnings of an email which you can adjust, and pass along. That email contains a link which your friend should follow to sign up. The link will ask your friend for their email address before directing them into our website where they can sign up to play People’s Postcode Lottery. When they start to sign up, they should click the link “Been referred by a friend?” and enter your name.


If you choose to use Facebook to share the offer, you’ll be presented with the start of a post for your News Feed or Your story. You can add to and adjust that post as you wish. The post contains a link which your friends should follow to sign up and access their reward.

Other Methods

You can also choose to just copy the rewards link and share this by other messaging platforms. Just copy the link carefully and pass it along.

If one of your friends signs up and mentions your name, they’ll receive their reward after they’ve played in their first draw. At the same time as your friend gets their reward, you’ll receive one too, just as long as you’re still playing.

Our draws occur near the start of each calendar month. We need to check that both you and your friend enter the draw successfully. As a result, it could possibly take up to a few weeks before your rewards are confirmed - depending on when they sign up. You’ll be contacted by email when these rewards are available to claim.

As a player, you can claim up to five rewards per year for introducing your friends to play. Any further referrals will not be rewarded.

Ready To Start Earning Rewards?

What rewards are available with the People’s Postcode Lottery Refer A Friend scheme?

When you welcome friends to play People's Postcode Lottery for the first time, you and your friends can choose from a range of gift cards. You can currently select a gift card from the following stores

  • Tesco,

  • John Lewis,

  • Marks & Spencer,

  • Boots, or

  • Just Eat.

Please note that the specific rewards on offer for the Refer A Friend programme may vary over time.

How can I introduce my friends using the Refer A Friend scheme?

As a People’s Postcode Lottery player, once you have separately registered to join our Refer A Friend scheme, you can either

  • Tell your pals in person,

  • Share the offer with mates by email, or

  • Spread the offer to friends by Facebook, or

  • Pass on a link to the offer by other messaging platforms.

To get their reward, your friends need to use the link you provide, and click on "Been referred by a friend?" on the first page in our sign up process. That appears just under the “Postcode” field. When asked, they then simply enter your full name.

If there is another person registered with the exact same name as you, your friends will be asked for your email address - so do make sure you’ve shared that with them, just in case. It needs to be the email you registered to play People’s Postcode Lottery with.

Register For The Refer A Friend Scheme Now!

How do I share the Refer A Friend link on Facebook?

You register to join the Refer A Friend scheme on our website. Once you’ve registered, you can choose to share the offer by Facebook. If you click on the Facebook option, you’ll be invited to say something on your News Feed or Your story. You can adjust that post as you like, but crucially, it includes a link which invites friends to join the scheme and sign up to play People’s Postcode Lottery.

Note that if you want to share on Facebook, you need to have integration with apps, games and websites turned on.

You can do this by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Clicking on your profile picture in the top right of Facebook.

  2. Select "Settings & privacy" and then click "Settings".

  3. Clicking "Apps and websites" in the left side menu.

  4. Scrolling down to preferences, then next to "Apps, websites and games" and click "Turn On".

I’m not a player of People's Postcode Lottery. Can I refer friends to sign up?

Sorry but our Refer A Friend scheme is only open to current players. In order to make referrals, you must be a player. Sign up to play through our website and you'll be invited to join the Refer A Friend scheme once you’ve completed that process.

Is there a limit on how many people I can refer to in the Refer A Friend scheme?

Players can introduce as many friends as they like to People's Postcode Lottery. However, after a player has made five successful referrals, we will not offer anymore referral rewards.

I’m waiting on my reward from People's Postcode Lottery Refer A Friend scheme. When will it be available?

Rewards for new players, and for the friends who introduced them, only become available after you successfully play in your first draw. This could be some weeks after your friend signs up, so do not worry if you don’t hear straight away.

How will I know when my reward from People's Postcode Lottery can be claimed?

We will contact you by email when your Refer A Friend reward is ready to be claimed.

I haven’t received my Refer A Friend gift card

This could be for a few different reasons. It might be that the person you referred to has not been entered into a draw yet.

If you are a referrer, you can manage your referrals with your Mention Me sharing dashboard. This can be accessed through your Refer A Friend scheme emails. You will also be notified of successful/unsuccessful referrals by email.

Who is Mention Me?

Mention Me is a leading customer advocacy platform that helps generate referrals. People's Postcode Lottery has partnered with Mention Me to deliver its Refer A Friend scheme.

Who is Runa?

Runa is the industry leader in digital rewards and incentives. Runa will fulfil the gift card rewards for our Refer A Friend scheme.

You can find out more about the Refer A Friend scheme in our FAQ.