Are employees of People's Postcode Lottery, or the promoting societies, allowed to play?

Most employees are allowed to play, although there are exceptions and limitations for those directly involved in the draw process and senior management.

PPL Process Controllers, Process Co-ordinators, Process Managers and the Designated Officer conducting the Draw, who are directly involved in the draw process itself, are all prohibited from playing. The independent adjudicator for the draw is also not allowed to play.

Managing Directors or Heads of Department at PPL, and any person employed by PPL who holds a personal management licence from the Gambling Commission in the course of their employment with PPL, are allowed to play subject to the following limit. If they held a ticket(s) which won over £5,000, the amount of winning ticket held by them over £5,000 would be donated to the promoting society for the draw. With regard to the promoting societies, any person who holds a personal management licence from, or has given an annex A personal declaration to, the Gambling Commission is also subject to this £5,000 limit.

Further detail on this can be found in rules 3.3 and 3.4 of the Terms & Conditions.