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The Davy Train

Davids have won more than other names on People's Postcode Lottery
Yes! David punches the air on receiving the first of two cheques from Judie

People called David have won more on People's Postcode Lottery than any other name, new research has shown.

Davids have so far notched up more than 1.3 million wins over the past 16 years - raking in £28,407,973 worth of cash prizes.

But players called John are giving them a run for their money - bagging over 1.2 million prizes, totalling £26,899,607.

Two Davids have banked their name's biggest individual wins after scooping £400,000 and £333,000 in our monthly Postcode Millions prize. And more Dave dosh has been dished out on £30,000 Street Prizes and daily £1,000 giveaways.

Chef David had only been playing People's Postcode Lottery since March 2021 when he won £35,000 earlier this year with his postcode in Gorebridge, Midlothian.

Now the dad-of-six reckons his moniker has had a win-win effect for Davids and charities. The grandad said, "Since I won, almost the entire street has started playing the Postcode Lottery. At the time there was only three of us that got the money."

He added, "A third of it goes to charities. And for £12 you've got a chance of winning something. I mean, what's £12? Especially when it helps lots of charities."

David and John were closely followed in the top five winning names by Paul, Susan and Michael.

But it's not just People's Postcode Lottery players called David who are helping boost thousands of charities. One of the most famous Davids in the world champions causes across the UK.

Broadcaster and natural historian Sir David Attenborough was given the prestigious Postcode Hero award in 2020 in recognition of his environmental work.

He was awarded a £500,000 cheque for Fauna & Flora International (FFI) as vice-president of the charity.

The FFI Partner Crisis Support Fund has already supported groups in Kenya, Mozambique, Vietnam and Romania to protect species such as rhinos, wild dogs, wolves and pangolins.

They also help communities which are central to conservation. FFI is just one of a huge range of Charities supported by funding generated by players of People's Postcode Lottery.

At the time of his award, the broadcaster and natural historian said, "I joined Fauna & Flora International just after leaving university. It's the great body of conservation and it's active in every part of the world.

"The money raised by those who play this remarkable lottery will go to a very, very worthwhile cause."

The fab five:

  • People called David have had 1,366,623 wins totalling £28,407,973.
  • People called John have had 1,245,419 wins totalling £26,899,607.
  • People called Paul have had 897,091 wins totalling £19,315,172.
  • People called Susan have had 877,273 wins totalling £17,799,445.
  • People called Michael have had 850,163 wins totalling £18,099,415.

Making A Difference

All players of People's Postcode Lottery - not just Davids - have so far raised more than £1.1 Billion for thousands of Charities and local good causes.

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Published: 14/08/2023

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