The Ndlovu Youth Choir is part of Ndlovu Care Group, a player-supported charity that provides innovative health care, education, childcare and community development. Its youth choir have been providing opportunities to young people for a decade, and have provided some top tips on how to stay healthy during these difficult times.

Changing Lives

Since 2009, the choir has had a positive effect on its members, demonstrating their potential and excellence no matter their background, education or place of birth. Starting off as a humble after-school activity, the Ndlovu Youth Choir has evolved into a outstanding professional act.

In 2019, the choir received the African Music Award at the Africa festival in Würzburg, Germany (pictured). This award celebrated their achievements in impacting society and changing lives through music. The group also amazed an audience of millions in the finals of America's Got Talent last year.

Funding Health Care

Our players have assisted Ndlovu Care Group with over £2.3 Million. To date, our fantastic players have raised more than £500 Million for over 7,500 deserving projects. Find out more about the range of supported Charities.

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Last year, the choir received the African Music Award at Africa Festival Würzburg (image courtesy of Ndlovu Youth Choir website