For years, Dogs Trust has been working to build a strong relationship with local authorities, pounds, and dog wardens to try and help as many stray and abandoned dogs as possible.

One way in which player support has helped Dogs Trust is in funding animal ambulances. Four animal ambulances travel across the country to transfer dogs from stray kennels and pounds, where they have come to the end of their seven day statutory period, to one of Dogs Trust's rehoming centres. This saves many dogs from being put to sleep, and instead they can begin their search for their new home with their special someone.

Animal ambulances also transfer dogs between rehoming centres. Dogs might need specialist training facilities, or even just a change of scenery. This offers the best chance of finding a suitable home for them. The ambulances transfer over 3,000 dogs each year.

German shepherd Kala had been with Dogs Trust since 2009 after she was rescued from a pound in Wales. Originally at Dogs Trust's Shoreham Centre, she was moved by animal ambulance to the Sanctuary at Salisbury in 2013. Kala was very playful and sociable with her friends, but was very worried by strangers. This made it hard for her to meet new people without being defensive.

Kala enjoyed her life in the Sanctuary. She loved the open space and being able to play football all day long. In 2016, Kala was moved across to the Stepping Stones Sanctuary at Dogs Trust's Loughborough Centre, again by ambulance. Her new environment helped her to flourish even more.

Happily, Kala has now found a fantastic new home with a couple who live on a farm and can give her all the space she needs. She even has another German shepherd there to keep her company.

Players have raised over £4.4 Million for Dogs Trust so far. Continuing support will ensure that Dogs Trust can keep on finding forever homes for abandoned and stray dogs for years to come.

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Kala is just one of the dogs who have found a new, happy home thanks to Dogs Trust