Dogs Trust is the UK's largest dog welfare charity, caring for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages every year across its network of rehoming centres.

Every year Dogs Trust cares for over 15,000 dogs who are waiting to find their new homes. So far, players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised a staggering £9.5 Million for Dogs Trust, and this has gone towards creating a brighter future for the dogs in the charity's care.

Across the 19 rehoming centres in England, Scotland, and Wales, support from players is helping to fund members of Dogs Trust staff who are dedicated to creating a happy environment for the dogs whilst they wait to find their 'furever' homes. The funding covers a whole range of roles from Canine Carers to Vet Nurses, and some of the more 'behind-the-scenes' roles that have a huge impact on the welfare of the dogs.

John, Maintenance Operative at Dogs Trust Merseyside, joined the team over eight years ago as a volunteer with his wife after they lost their family dog and weren't sure if they were ready to have another. Five years later, John took the role of Maintenance Operative responsible for making the centre grounds a beautiful, interesting, and enriching place for the dogs.

John's favourite part of his role is having the ability to transform the centre's grounds, which he has done in a variety of creative ways. There is a sensory garden, wildlife piles, paths through the woodlands, and lots of beautiful flower beds for the dogs to sniff and explore. John believes firmly in re-using and recycling and likes to find different ways to use different materials around the centre. So whether it's making planters from pallets and old tyres, to creating doggy sculptures from logs, the dogs are spoilt for what to sniff out first!

John said, "I get a real buzz when visitors comment on how great the site is looking compared to a few years ago, and I enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to improve the surroundings and make them more interesting and stimulating for dogs and humans alike."

John has had nine dogs in total, six of which have been from Dogs Trust Merseyside, and his most recent addition was Thorn, a beautiful young collie cross.

John's role is vital at Dogs Trust for keeping the centre running smoothly and the grounds staying interesting and accessible - this benefits dogs of all shapes, sizes and abilities who are awaiting their new homes. Funding from players of People's Postcode Lottery means John can continue to give his all to Dogs Trust Merseyside, and make every day a happy one for all of the canine residents.

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John 's role as Maintenance Operative at Dogs Trust is an example of how player funding is spent on employment