Royal Voluntary Service is a national charity that was formed in 1938 as Women's Voluntary Services, which helped communities prepare for the coming war.

Since then, it has inspired more than three million people to give their time and help meet the needs within their communities. Today, its focus is on supporting the older population and helping the NHS to make more time to care.

Royal Voluntary Service volunteers do simple things which make a big difference, like:

  • Taking an older person to an appointment,
  • Serving tea in hospitals,
  • Popping in to see an older person just home from an operation, and
  • Running social activities for isolated older people.

These acts of kindness don't just improve the lives of the individuals themselves, but also help to make communities stronger.

Benefits To Wellbeing

Evidence shows that volunteering offers enjoyment and wellbeing benefits to the person giving their time.

Players of People's Postcode Lottery have supported Royal Voluntary Service since 2015. This has been vital in helping older people move from crisis to confidence and connecting them to their communities - preventing loneliness and isolation.

Thanks to our players, Royal Voluntary Service has:

  • Supported a network of over 365 volunteer-led activities across Great Britain, which provide practical help, companionship and places to get together to over 15,000 older people each year.
  • Developed new volunteer-led activities, where older people are meeting up to support each other, learn new skills and take part in activities ranging from singing to walking, crafting to Kurling and Tai Chi to tea and cake.
  • Helped older people who are recovering from a stay in hospital to regain their confidence and independence, providing practical help and a regular friendly face while they recover.
  • Trained over 1,200 staff and volunteers to provide even better support for people with dementia and 150 staff and volunteers to provide chair-based exercise sessions to help older people stay fitter and healthier for longer.

Supporting Amazing Causes

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Two women enjoying a cup of tea as part of the Royal Voluntary Service support network