Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) is a small charity doing big things to care for the landscape, environment, communities, and economy of the Yorkshire Dales.

Since 2009, players have raised more than £1.2 Million for YDMT to support a wide range of projects.

This support is making a big difference to the lives of people in and around the Yorkshire Dales, thanks to a small grants programme which is helping to bring communities together. A variety of projects have already received a vital cash boost from the charity, including improvements to village halls, play parks, and sports grounds, as well as support for theatre, art, adult learning, and youth groups across the region.

Players have also helped to plant 1.2 million broadleaf trees, creating hundreds of new woodlands. Just 13% of the UK is covered with trees, compared to the European average of 37%. In the Yorkshire Dales, that figure falls to less than 5%, so these new woodlands will grow to play a vital role in supporting the local wildlife and environment.

YDMT has also enabled over 33,000 people to explore the countryside and find out more about nature and wildflowers through the Flowers of the Dales Festival. This annual programme of over 100 events aims to inspire people of all ages to enjoy the Yorkshire Dales countryside whilst taking part in activities including crafts, bug hunts, guided walks, hands-on conservation activities, and much more. The 2017 Festival is running until October and you can download the full programme on the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust website.

This is also the perfect time of year to visit and enjoy the UK's iconic wildflower hay meadows - something which Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust knows all about. Thanks to funding from players, the charity is helping to halt the alarming decline of these precious habitats. Once found in every parish across the UK, now just 3% of flower rich meadows are left, putting hundreds of species of wildflowers and bees, birds, and other wildlife at risk. Over the last ten years, the team at YDMT have worked to restore 650 hectares of degraded meadows across the Yorkshire Dales and Forest of Bowland.

YDMT would like to thank players for supporting all of these important projects and many more to come in the future.

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Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust works to protect nature in the Yorkshire Dales