The Cruyff Foundation was established in 1997 by footballer Johan Cruyff to encourage children to be more active. It enables young people, with or without a disability, to get outside and exercise and play together. While in today's world, children are less active than they used to be, the Cruyff Foundation hopes to use sport and games to change this.

Together with its supporters, including players of People's Postcode Lottery, the Cruyff Foundation enables young people to be active on almost 200 Cruyff Courts worldwide. Cruyff Foundation projects enable thousands of children to enjoy sport on a weekly basis.

As a result of the £150,000 of funding from players of People's Postcode Lottery, the Foundation will open its third Cruyff Court this summer in Liverpool and train its first twelve Cruyff Foundation coaches. The trained Cruyff Foundation Coaches will run the Cruyff Foundation Community Programme.

The Community Programme is a project that, over a period of approximately eight weeks, trains young people between 14 and 21. The eight-week project empowers young people, gets them more involved in their community and creates new role models. During the project, the Cruyff Foundation coaches oversee the steps the group takes and encourages them to develop as individuals.

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