Theirworld is about changing children's lives. Every single child is precious and unique and deserves the best possible chance of living a healthy and happy life. Children everywhere deserve the chance to fulfill their potential, and Theirworld exists to help that happen.

One of Theirworld's key focal points right now is Lebanon. The conflict in Syria is now in its fifth year. Fourteen million children are affected across the region, and more than two million of them are living as refugees in neighbouring countries. Nowhere is this problem more acute than in Lebanon, which currently hosts around 1.2 million refugees from Syria, over half of which are children.

Since 2013, Theirworld has been working to expand access to education in Lebanon through research, advocacy and campaigning. Working with the Lebanese government, international partners and NGOs, they have sought solutions to address the large number of refugee children who were being denied the opportunity to go to school and learn.

Last year Theirworld launched #UpForSchool, a global movement to get every child into school and learning. This movement brought together hundreds of businesses, thousands of NGOs and millions of people around the world to campaign for the right of every child to an education.

With the support of the players of People's Postcode Lottery, Theirworld was able to expand this movement to Lebanon. The charity's research and campaigning contributed to the establishment of a double-shift system of schooling, where Lebanese children go to school in the morning and Syrian children in the afternoon, using the same schools, teachers and curricula.

This week marks the start of the new school year for children across Lebanon. Children will be packing their schoolbags, getting excited about seeing their friends again, and settling in to another year of learning. Among them will be 200,000 Syrian refugee children who, thanks to this system, now have the chance of a brighter future through education.

Yet there are still many more who are not so lucky. So far, players have raised an incredible £525,000 of funding to support Theirworld. This funding supports the development of innovative interventions to tackle the many barriers that keep children from an education, which include differences in languages, hunger and social stigmas.

Theirworld will continue its work until every child in Lebanon is in school and learning. This week, they will be taking the voices of ten million people to the United Nations to demand action for those children who are denied their right to education. You can add your voice to this call by signing the #UpForSchool petition today!

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Thanks to Theirworld's work, Syrian refugee students are getting an education