Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, the charitable body of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, uses sport - in particular football - as a vehicle to create potentially life-changing opportunities for children, young people, and others in local communities and around the world.

Since 2006, the Foundation has created more than 2.4 million life-changing opportunities.

Funding received from players goes towards supporting a number of the Foundation's community development projects, which use the unique appeal of the Club to deliver creative, innovative, and engaging programmes. The aim of these programmes is to improve social cohesion, build self-esteem, and develop positive attitudes among young people.

So far, players have raised over £500,000, which has helped the Foundation to:

  • Engage over 3,000 young people in multi-sport sessions designed to promote social cohesion in some of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods within the local community
  • Develop employment and training provision in the heart of the community, bringing job opportunities to local residents
  • Support 500 young people at risk of becoming involved with gun or knife crime through one-to-one mentoring sessions and enterprise workshops
  • Inspire over 100 young people to gain their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Level Award
  • Create sustainable employment pathways for over 160 children in care and care-leavers through the E18HTEEN programme
  • Deliver employment opportunities to over 4,000 people via jobs fairs at White Hart Lane

The Foundation's community development team delivers over 6,500 hours of free activities each year to over 1,500 young people each week.

Kyra Peynado is one young person who has been supported by the Foundation's community development initiatives. Kyra grew up in Tottenham and had a difficult time after going into care at the age of 11, but has since turned her life around.

Talking about her experience, Kyra said, "Going into care was quite challenging, I moved around from care home to care home, living with different families in the area. I really didn't respond well to that experience."

In the summer of 2014, Kyra was referred on to the Foundation's E18HTEEN programme, which supports young people in Haringey leaving the care system.

Kyra said, "When I was on E18THEEN, I received mentoring support from the Foundation, and it was through this that I was encouraged to start thinking about my own future and what type of job I might want to do.

"My mentor helped me to get my CV up to scratch, build my confidence and practise interview techniques, which helped me secure a part-time job at Tottenham Hotspur working in the matchday kiosks at White Hart Lane.

"In 2015 the Foundation supported me to get a job with the security team at Spurs. I really enjoy this line of work and recently joined the team on the construction site of the Club's new stadium development, employed as a Security Officer."

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Tottenham Hotspur Foundation uses football in particular as a means of engaging children and young people