Today, the UK Government is launching the first ever Local Charities Day. The day is a unique opportunity to celebrate the tireless work of the staff and volunteers of local charities and recognise their successes. Whether it's refurbishing local Scout Halls, or delivering social arts and craft clubs for the elderly, local projects and initiatives are a lifeline for communities across the country.

Thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery, to date, more than 2,800 local charities, community and grass roots organisations have benefitted from support. Over £21 Million has been distributed to projects that deliver locally, and our players are making an incredible difference to postcodes across Great Britain.

Research by People's Postcode Lottery recently revealed that 33% of us regularly give to charity. Of those who give, 41% support causes tied to their local area. 24% of Brits who donate to good causes were inspired to give to a cause because it supported their local area.

People's Postcode Lottery Ambassador Fiona Phillips said, “There are so many charities out there doing such brilliant work, no matter if they are big or small. Today is the time for us to celebrate those charities that work most closely to us – supporting people in need where we live and work. It’s often said that charity begins at home and supporting a local cause today is a great way to do this.”

There are lots of ways to get involved in Local Charities Day, including through social media. So we would encourage all People's Postcode Lottery players and supported charities to use the hashtag #LocalCharitiesDay and showcase the brilliant work being done by local charities and encourage more people to lend their support. Via #LocalCharitiesDay you can also post images of your local charity in action.

To see some of the local charities our players are highlighting, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Local Charities Day