This summer, nearly one million people have watched a conservation success story unfold at the Scottish Wildlife Trust's world-famous Loch of the Lowes Reserve in Perthshire.

For the second year in a row, a full clutch of three osprey chicks has been raised by their parents at the reserve. Just a few months after emerging from an egg no larger than a duck's, these young birds are building up their flight muscles and preparing to journey several thousand miles to West Africa.

Video clips of the ospreys hatching from their eggs, being fed by their diligent parents, and taking their first short flights can be viewed on the Trust's YouTube channel.

Thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery, who have raised over £3.8 Million for Scottish Wildlife Trust, the nest at Loch of the Lowes is kept under close guard around the clock by dedicated staff and volunteers.

The osprey nest is also monitored closely by the public. Since the female osprey returned to Loch of the Lowes in March, the live webcam trained on the nest has been viewed nearly one million times by people from around the world. As well as this, nearly 13,000 people have come to the Visitor Centre at the reserve to see the ospreys first-hand.

Ospreys are magnificent birds of prey, but just 100 years ago they were extinct in Scotland after being wiped out. The Scottish Wildlife Trust and others were instrumental in their recovery, and since 1969 an amazing 76 chicks have been fledged at the Trust's Loch of the Lowes reserve.

Today around 240 pairs breed in the UK, mostly in Scotland with small numbers in northern England and Wales. Ospreys are rarer than other large birds of prey such as golden eagles.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust has been protecting the wildlife of Scotland for more than 50 years. It manages a network of 120 reserves that are havens for wildlife including red squirrels, puffins and otters.

By championing the cause of wildlife and inspiring people to experience, enjoy and look after the great outdoors, the charity aims to protect Scotland's wildlife for future generations.

To celebrate the fantastic support of players, Scottish Wildlife Trust has created a quiz to help you find out which species of Scottish wildlife best suits your personality! Are you a clownish puffin or an acrobatic red squirrel?

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Ospreys are thriving at the Loch of the Lowes Reserve