In a Facebook Live video today, a Kidderminster postcode sector, DY10 1, has been announced as the winner of People's Postcode Lottery's monthly £3 Million prize. All of the lucky residents who play with a ticket in the postcode sector will land a share of the money.

On Saturday 29th September, all of the winners will find out exactly how much they've won. Those who play with a ticket in the full winning postcode will collect the biggest cheques, sharing £1.5 Million. Everybody else in the postcode sector will split the other half of the prize money. Players' prizes will vary depending on how many tickets they play with.

People's Postcode Lottery Presenters Judie McCourt and Danyl Johnson will be in Kidderminster handing out cheques on the day. Judie said, "Congratulations Kidderminster! I can't wait to hand out some big cheques and meet some lovely winners. Good luck to everyone in DY10 1!"

As 32% of the ticket price goes to charities, players have raised over £340 Million for more than 4,000 good causes to date.

A number of local projects have received support from players of People's Postcode Lottery, including Open Trail. The group received £1,000 this year to coach people in mountain biking. This will encourage participants to get fit, healthy, and enjoy the outdoors.

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Players in a Kidderminster postcode sector are set to share a whopping £3 Million