Children North East is North East England's very own children's charity. For 125 years they have been transforming the lives of disadvantaged children.

One in four children and young people in the North East lives below the poverty line. Children North East believes it is neither fair nor right that they don't get the same chances and breaks as their peers. The charity works to improve their quality of life, but this takes money, time and perseverance. Players' funding is helping support this mission.

Imagine never being able to go on a school trip, having nowhere safe to play, going without meals and warm clothes, feeling embarrassed or scared to bring your friends home, or having to care for parents with poor mental health or other problems.

Throughout 2014 and 2015, the money received from players of People's Postcode Lottery helped the charity make a difference for 11,544 children and young people. Children North East's projects support young people through difficult times, helping them to move forward and to take up new opportunities, including trying out new activities and hobbies.

One project that's made a real difference to many lives is Children North East's peer mentoring programme. The programme aims to improve communication and relationships between young people aged 12 to 18 and their families in order to avoid family breakdown and improve problems with isolation. Young people are matched with a trained volunteer who will help and encourage them to explore their difficulties and identify solutions to their problems.

A young person who has gone through the mentoring process said, "I feel more positive about coping, using the strategies that my mentor has taught me about. I have learnt how to spend less time concentrating on negative things and more on positives. I have enjoyed working with the project and having a peer mentor."

With the incredible support received from players of People's Postcode Lottery, more volunteer mentors have been recruited, enabling the charity to continue this vital service for young people throughout the region.

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Children North East is extremely grateful for the support it gets from players