The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the charity that cares for the seas around the United Kingdom. Thanks to funding of £450,000 from players of People's Postcode Lottery, MCS has had a very successful year. More than 6,000 people helped out at their latest Great British Beach Clean, getting 277,354 litter items off our shores. MCS has used the data they found to stop rubbish like plastic bags, microbeads from cosmetics, and wet wipes getting into our seas in the first place.

Support from players has also enabled MCS to make a fantastic Good Fish Guide app this year, which helps users find out what seafood is sustainable, where it can be bought, and make sure there are plenty more fish in the sea in future.

Carrie Hume, Director of Conservation at MCS, said, "It takes such a lot of effort and time to organise volunteers, and to tackle problems that our seas face - and it also costs money.

"We've achieved more this year than ever before, and there is no doubt that we're at last making a better future for our seas and for our children. There's no way we could have done all this without the support of players of People's Postcode Lottery."

TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham said, "I love the work that the Marine Conservation Society does and I’m proud to support them together with players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

"They are behind so many great initiatives that focus on finding solutions to the problems faced by our very precious, but fragile, marine environment – from cleaning up our beaches to advising on the most sustainable fish to eat."

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The Marine Conservation Society works to protect the coastal environment of the UK for the benefit of both people and marine wildlife