Maggie's provides free practical, emotional and social support for people with cancer and their family and friends. The charity offers a programme of support that has been shown to strengthen physical and emotional wellbeing.

Built in the grounds of NHS hospitals, Maggie's Centres are designed by architects to be warm, welcoming and full of light and open space. They are places to find practical advice about benefits and eating well; places where qualified experts provide emotional support; places to meet other people or simply sit quietly with a cup of tea.

Father-of-four Karl sadly lost his wife, Kathleen, five years ago. Staff at Maggie's Edinburgh were there for them all through diagnosis, Kathleen's tragic passing at just 39 years old and the grief that caused.

Karl said, "I honestly wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Maggie's.

"Maggie's provided immense support to myself, my wife Kathleen and our children when she was diagnosed with cancer and continued to be a haven of strength for me after Kathleen died five years ago.

"I have always been pleased to play People’s Postcode Lottery but ever since I learnt how much they support Maggie’s I have been telling everyone I know to take part as well."

2016 marks 20 years of Maggie's and during that time the Centres have seen over 1.3 million visits from people affected by cancer. 200,000 of those were people visiting Maggie's for the first time.

Thanks to the £6.8 Million raised so far by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, Maggie's has been able to open Centres in Scotland, England and Wales, providing vital cancer support.

Laura Lee, Maggie's Chief Executive, said, "Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have made an amazing contribution to Maggie’s over the years.

"The £6.8 Million they have already donated is enough to pay for more than 200,000 visits to our Centres – in other words, players have helped thousands of people from across the UK who are affected by cancer to get the support they need.

"Whether that means taking part in a stress management course, talking to one of our psychologists, joining a walking group or just sitting at the kitchen table to share a pot of tea and a chat."

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Maggie's Centres provide support to people who have been affected by cancer