Over the past five years, WWF-UK has received over £1.1 Million from players of People's Postcode Lottery to help build a future where people and nature thrive. Players' support has helped the organisation continue their work on climate change, marine protection and other vital environmental issues here and overseas.

WWF-UK is part of the international WWF network, one of the world's most influential environmental organisations working in 100 countries, with over five million supporters worldwide.

One notable project is an initiative to help protect endangered turtles in an area known as the "Jewel of Africa". Working with local communities and WWF's conservation team on the ground in Lamu, Kenya, WWF has been able to scale up their work protecting these ancient creatures. Threats, including the development of a major shipping port and unsustainable fishing practices, are putting the turtles, one of nature's true survivors, in danger.

The period from March to August is the turtles' peak nesting season. With only one in a thousand newly hatched turtles surviving to adulthood, the team is working tirelessly to help protect turtles, nests and hatchlings, and so far have recorded over 100 nests.

Closer to home, players are supporting WWF's work through the Celtic Seas Partnership, which brings together sea users, industry, government and the scientific community to ensure sustainable and healthy seas. The Celtic Seas – along the west coast of Scotland, Wales and England – are home to a spectacular array of species, including basking sharks and blue sharks, orca and fin whales and harbour porpoises.

Finally, thousands of people across the UK joined hundreds of millions in 172 countries worldwide for WWF's Earth Hour. Thanks to players' support, WWF was able to do even more in 2015 across the UK, with Earth Hour activities happening from London to Shetland. Earth Hour 2016 will take place on Saturday 19th March 2016 and will be the tenth Earth Hour – so make sure to put the date in your diary!

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