With help from players of People's Postcode Lottery, Whizz-Kidz helps transform the lives of disabled children and young people across the UK. In the last year, the charity has provided more than 4,500 opportunities for young people through the provision of essential mobility equipment and young people's services.

The funding from players now stands at an enormous £900,000. This funding not only enables Whizz-Kidz to provide essential and life-changing mobility equipment, it also helps them run youth clubs, deliver wheelchair skills training sessions, provide work placements, and run exciting residential camps for young people who may not have had a holiday or short break in many years.

Camp Whizz-Kidz is particularly special because it gives young people the opportunity to explore their abilities away from their family. At Camp, young people will not only have all of the fun inherent in a short break away with other young people, they also learn a host of useful life skills including cooking, assertiveness training, and budgeting.

Jamie is 13 and is one of the hundreds of people who visited Camp Whizz-Kidz last year. A full-time wheelchair user, Jamie was very nervous about attending Camp, but he set himself the goal of driving his powered wheelchair for the first time in four years. At Camp, one of Whizz-Kidz's wheelchair skills trainers got Jamie into his powered chair and worked one-on-one with him to build his confidence.

By the end of Camp, Jamie was able not only to drive his chair in a straight line; he could also go through doorways, something he'd not been able to do before. The smile on Jamie's face was evidence enough that Camp had had a massive impact on him. Jamie said "I have learnt how to go shopping. I asked the shop assistants to help. I learnt how to bake cherry scones! I even cut the butter by myself. I have learnt how to drive my power chair outside through a door."

Thanks to Camp Whizz-Kidz, Jamie not only overcame his fear of his powered wheelchair, he also learned a host of new skills. Stories like these, of disabled children and young people learning new skills and developing independence and confidence, simply wouldn't be possible without the funding from players of People's Postcode Lottery.

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Whizz-Kidz helps disabled children and young people in the UK to learn new skills and try new experiences