Right now, 58 million children around the world are denied the same opportunity as other children - to reach their full potential through education. The barriers preventing children from going to school are many, with young children forced into child labour, early marriage, conflict and discrimination.

It is a proven fact that education is key to alleviating many of the problems affecting young people across the world. Poverty, gender inequality, disease and needless war are all addressable through education. Every child around the world deserves the same chances in life as each other, and every child should be given access to their fundamental right of education.

Thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery, the charity Theirworld, which was founded by Sarah Brown, is addressing this issue. Theirworld believes that every infant, child and young person deserves access to good healthcare and the best opportunities for education and learning. Players have awarded £525,000 to Theirworld to support this mission.

At the end of 2014, Theirworld launched the #UpForSchool petition, which aims to bring the voices of millions around the world together to demand action. The petition will be delivered to world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015 by UN Special Envoy for Education Gordon Brown.

This petition is already 5 million strong and building daily, with young people leading the way, supported by teachers, business leaders, faith leaders, influential individuals and NGOs.

The #UpForSchool campaign also hopes to raise awareness of this important issue on social media. Famous faces like Gordon and Sarah Brown, Shakira, Kelly Osbourne, Michelle Dockery, Pixie Lott and many more have posted their school pictures online in solidarity with those girls who will never have a chance to have their school picture taken.

Next, Theirworld are asking schools and teachers to mobilise and be at the forefront of this global movement, making #UpForSchool the largest petition in history. A teachers' toolkit is now available, including ways for schools and students to get involved. Visit the website for more info and sign the petition at www.aworldatschool.org.

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