The number of people living with dementia in the UK is set to rise to two million by 2051. In fact, someone develops dementia every three minutes. Whilst we wait and hope for a cure, there is much that can be done right now to care for and enable people living with dementia to live healthier, more active and enjoyable lives and bring emotional, social and physical benefits to dementia affected families.

This is the challenge ahead of us as a society and why Dementia Adventure exist.

Research shows that engagement with the natural environment can have a positive effect on people living with dementia. Getting outdoors and keeping active can enable people living with dementia to feel well and even experience a temporary reduction or absence of dementia related symptoms. However, without the right kind of support, people with dementia can find themselves spending a disproportionate amount of time indoors and unable to take part in activities they once enjoyed.

Dementia Adventure believes in thinking differently about dementia. With the right support, people living with dementia can continue to enjoy outdoor activities, keep active and retain a sense of adventure in their lives.

The charity specialises in designing and delivering supported dementia holidays and short breaks for people with dementia and their partner, family member or friend to enjoy together as an alternative to traditional 'respite'.

Gill, a beneficiary of a Dementia Adventure holiday, said, "Alzheimer's makes day to day living very lonely and boring. It was great to be with people who understood. It gave us a chance to forget, just have fun and be able to laugh again. I saw glimpses of David that I haven't seen for a long time"

The charity uses the practical experience of supporting people with dementia on holidays to design training for staff and volunteers from a range of organisations as well as 'thinking differently about dementia' family carer events.

And their work is grounded in research into the benefits of outdoor activity for people with dementia.

Support from players of the People's Postcode Lottery will reduce the cost of the fully supported dementia holidays and could make a holiday possible for somebody who might otherwise not be able to afford to take a break. Your support helps provide free dementia training for family carers, and research into the benefits of outdoor activity.

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Dementia Adventure

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