Cancer recovery is as much about what happens after treatment as during. For many young people in recovery, the unseen mental and emotional after-effects of cancer are as difficult as the physical, and simply picking up where they left off before their diagnosis is not possible.

They can be crippled by shyness and anxiety from missing day-to-day interaction with people, get left behind as their friends grow up and face the complex anger of survivor guilt, questioning why they lived but others did not.

This is where the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust comes in. Through sailing and outdoor adventure trips, young people can rebuild the confidence to get back into education and employment. They can also make new friends, have fun and enjoy being the young people they still are.

Young people are supported long-term through the long, emotionally draining process of recovery as they have the opportunity to come back for trips year-on-year. Once they turn 18, they also have the opportunity to volunteer and inspire other young people just like them.

The ongoing support from our players is vital in helping the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust achieve its aim for every young person in recovery from cancer to be aware of the opportunities they offer. This will continue to positively impact the lives of more young people.

Frank Fletcher, CEO at Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, said, "The support of players of People's Postcode Lottery is crucial to so many young people in directly helping them rebuild their lives after cancer and start to feel positive about their future again. We cannot thank players enough."

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Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Units 53-57 East Cowes Marina Off Britannia Way East Cowes Isle of Wight PO32 6DG

Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

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Wales, Scotland, England

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Postcode Heroes Trust


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