Lord's Taverners utilises sport as a tool for change, social betterment and to make a difference to the lives of disabled young people and those within disadvantaged communities.

They envisage a future where all young people, irrespective of background and ability, have the everyday opportunity to play sport and enjoy physical activities to the benefit of their self-esteem, health, education and future socio-economic potential.

Lord's Taverners have strong community links and have delivered targeted intervention programmes to allow at-risk young people to gain access to increased opportunities, helping them to succeed both personally and professionally.

Their aim is to enhance the prospects of disadvantaged and disabled young people using sport and recreation to engage with them.

For further information, visit www.lordstaverners.org.

Head Office Address

Lord's Taverners 90 Chancery Lane London WC2A 1EU

Lord's Taverners

Amount raised to date:


Regions receiving support:

Wales, Scotland, England

Funding body:

Postcode Sport Trust


Greg James, Michael Parkinson, Sam Billings