The charity's love for Scotland has fuelled a desire to protect the things that make it special. By championing Scotland's natural, built, and cultural heritage the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) inspires those around it and those that follow in its footsteps.

From coastlines to castles, art to architecture, wildlife to wilderness, the charity encourages people to connect with the things that make Scotland unique while protecting them for future generations.

NTS cares for 100,000 artefacts, so that the objects, and their stories, can be treasured both now and in the future.

It looks after 46 Munros, including the 15 peaks and surrounding wilderness of the Cairngorms, helping to protect rare species like ptarmigan and golden eagles, while also providing safe and sustainable access for everyone.

NTS is also custodian of 38 gardens, 27 castles and houses, and 8 National Nature Reserves.

Together, the places, spaces, artefacts and creatures entrusted to the charity tell the story of Scotland, its people, its history and its wildlife.

The National Trust for Scotland relies on the expertise of its staff, dedication of its volunteers and goodwill of its donors, members, supporters and sponsors to ensure that the cultural, heritage and natural riches of the nation are conserved and their stories told today and for generations to come.

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National Trust for Scotland

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