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Peace Direct

Peace Direct's mission is to make a positive difference to people whose lives are affected by war

Every day, people suffer and lives are destroyed because of war. But it doesn't have to be this way. Peace Direct is an international charity dedicated to stopping wars, one person at a time.

In every conflict, local people are building peace – stopping violence, uniting communities, and saving lives. These local people disarm rebels, resettle refugees, protect the vulnerable, unite communities, and restart economies. They work at great personal risk to prevent, resolve and heal conflicts in some of the world's most fragile countries. 

It's not just immediate aid, but working with local people for as long as it takes to help them develop lasting solutions. Peace Direct doesn't run expensive in-country offices and never imposes outside solutions. The charity works with the local people who are there making a difference before, during, and after war. 

The impact is powerful.

You can help support local people to stop wars and save lives. For more information, visit their website To help support their work, sign up to play People's Postcode Lottery.

Head office and contact info

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Peace Direct
Second Floor
72-74 Mare St
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