Plastics, climate change, the illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss are just some of the issues that are impacting on people and wildlife right round the world. WWF-UK is working hard to reverse these effects to bring about a brighter future for our planet. Thanks to the incredible support from players of People's Postcode Lottery, WWF-UK is seeing change both across Great Britain and around the world.

Schools around Great Britain are bringing together children, teachers and the community to look after nature in their own neighbourhoods. Children are transforming their school grounds into gardens which provide locally-grown veg for their communities and special habitats for bees and butterflies, some really important pollinators! Pupils are also learning amazing life skills, from conserving electricity to efficient water use to sustainable transport methods, like safe cycling. Thanks to support from our players, WWF-UK celebrates some outstanding schools as Green Ambassadors. Watch the video to learn more about the Green Ambassador award-winning school for Scotland!

Internationally, players' funds help protect endangered wildlife, like lions and marine turtles. This helps support the monitoring of lions in Kenya's Mara ecosystem, so WWF-UK can better understand their population and develop solutions to protect them and their habitat. They train Turtle Conservation Groups (which are community volunteers) on how to best monitor turtle nests to protect hatchlings. Catch up with WWF's Innocent Wanyonyi, based in Coastal Kenya, to learn more about the amazing turtle work that players help support!

WWF-UK is part of the international WWF network, one of the world's most influential environmental organisations, working in more than 100 countries. It is a constructive, science-based organisation, addressing issues from the survival of species and habitats to climate change, sustainable business and environmental education, and creating solutions to the most important environmental challenges facing the planet so people and nature can thrive.

For more information, visit their website To help support their work, sign up to play People's Postcode Lottery.

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