Each year the charity invests in over 350 projects for children and young people aged up to 25. Youth Music projects help young people develop musically, but they have personal and social outcomes too – like building confidence and self-esteem, helping stop anti-social behaviour, and getting more young people into employment or back into education.

Youth Music's projects are aimed at young people who might not otherwise get the chance to make music. Children with disabilities. Kids struggling with drugs or alcohol, or with their mental wellbeing. Toddlers with communication difficulties. Young carers. Teenagers in trouble with the law. Young people excluded from school and society.

Youth Music believes in practical, creative music-making of every possible style and technique. Sessions are collaborative and inclusive. Music leaders encourage and inspire young people to learn at their own pace and in a way that best suits them. And every Youth Music project measures its impact, helping the charity build a unique national overview.

For more information, visit their website www.youthmusic.org.uk. To help support their work, sign up to play People's Postcode Lottery.

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Youth Music

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