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Street Prize

Cash For Compton

01 September 2021 - GU3 1JG - Compton - £30,000
Today's £30,000 Street Prizes are heading to two lucky neighbours in Compton

An NHS worker expecting her second child 'any minute' has been left shocked after learning she'd won £30,000 thanks to her postcode. The news follows GU3 1JG in Compton being announced as a winner of today's £30,000 Street Prize. There were two winners, who each took home £30,000 per ticket.

Never In A Million Years

Kayleigh, who's on maternity leave, learned of her windfall during a video call with Street Prize Presenter Matt Johnson.

On seeing how much she'd won, she screamed with excitement and exclaimed, "Oh my God! Thank you so much. £30,000! What?! I can't believe it! The baby is due any minute and this money, I can't thank you enough. It's amazing.

"Nothing like this happens to me. I never in a million years thought that someone like me could win this amount of money."

Kayleigh couldn't wait to share the news with her partner, Tommy, who also works for the NHS. She said, "He's going to be so happy. I'm biased but he's the loveliest person in the world. He does the most caring job for the NHS and he deserves this just as much as us."

When asked how she might spend the winnings, Kayleigh immediately thought of her children. With a three-year-old and another boy on the way she said, "I'll definitely be using the money towards my boys and it will just make a massive difference to our life. Just to have backup money, it's amazing, it really is.

"We were thinking about doing a loft conversion as we only have two bedrooms so maybe we can look into something like that so they can each have their own room."

Double Surprise

Tracey was left stunned after receiving two prize cheques, as she played with two tickets, meaning she netted an amazing £60,000.

Joined on the call by her husband, Steve, Tracey was shocked on seeing her first £30,000 cheque, and after being told about the second cheque, she exclaimed, "Oh amazing, oh my God. That is brilliant!"

The couple had a few ideas for their windfall, with a holiday definitely on the cards. Steve suggested Jamaica as a potential destination while Tracey added, "My daughter is saying Scotland, she wants to go and tour Scotland, so we'll probably do something like that. The scenery there is just stunning so it's something we'd all like to do, maybe hire a campervan and do it that way."

Tracey, who works for a telecoms company, also wanted to treat her daughter after a summer of exams. She said, "She did exceptionally well in her exams, so that a little bit of money - not all of it! - will go to celebrate or maybe buy her first car."

There was also a little treat that Tracey had in mind for herself. She said, "Probably a spa weekend, the whole works - toes, fingers, back, hair, everything!"

After the call Matt Johnson sent his congratulations to our winners. He said, "I couldn't be happier for Kayleigh and Tracey and their families, it was my pleasure to bring them this great news. 

"I wish Kayleigh all the best with the new baby and I hope Tracey can get that holiday booked in soon!"

Thousands Of Good Causes

This draw was promoted on behalf of Postcode Animal Trust. The trust has a mission to educate, support and promote animal welfare and conservation. Supported charities include Dogs Trust, Riding for the Disabled Association and PDSA.

With 33% of the ticket price going to charities and good causes, players of People's Postcode Lottery have now raised more than £750 Million for over 9,000 projects and groups. Our players are changing lives for the better every single day.

Fantastic Prizes are announced every single day, and it couldn't be easier to take part. If you're not playing yet check out How It Works, and if you're feeling lucky, sign up to play.

Published: 01/09/2021

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