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Postcode Millions

Delight In Dartford

02 August 2019 - DA1 3HB - Dartford - £3 Million

Dartford neighbours are celebrating after sharing £3 Million on Friday night, when our prize team delivered golden envelopes and life-changing cheques. Seven lucky neighbours from Phillips Close scooped £181,655 for each ticket they played with. The prizes arrived after DA1 3HB was announced as the full winning postcode in our latest Postcode Millions. One lucky winner playing with two tickets netted a whopping £363,310. 495 players across postcode sector DA1 3 picked up shares of the £3 Million prize money.

Kerry was one of the lucky winners in Phillips Close. The timing was perfect, as she is due to have her second child in just nine days. Kerry had moved out of her house the same day that we came to visit and she was relieved she hadn't changed her playing postcode. Her shocked husband Stuart raced over in the midst of unpacking to find out the news that they had won £181,655.

Kerry, who's worked in retail for 20 years, said, "This is life changing! We had to borrow money from my family to help us move to a bigger house, so now we can pay them back. I've been on minimum wage since going part time with my daughter, and now I can go on maternity leave and not have to worry about money. I think we are going to get a new car and get rid of the old 51 plate rust bucket that we have now. I want something safe to drive the kids in."

Retail manager and mum of two Rebecca said, "I can't believe it. When we found out it was our postcode area I thought it would just be a £1,000. But this amount is a life changer for us - the best gift we could ever be given. We'll be able to buy a house in the local area and the kids will each have their own room."

Rebecca and husband Rob have a young son with autism. Rob, who was recently made redundant, is now planning to use some of the winnings to train as a care support worker. He said, "Never in a million years did we ever think we'd win this amount of money. I feel like I’m going to wake up in a minute. It's exciting and a bit overwhelming but right away I started to think about what this will let us do and how it's going to change our lives. It's lovely to know that everyone who plays around us has shared in the same good fortune. And that by playing you're making a difference to more people's lives."

Another winner was David, who said, "It really means a lot to us and will let us do a whole lot more. We got married this year and have a three-year-old and a five-and-a-half-month-old - it's been a whirlwind. I'm totally gobsmacked by the entire thing. It means we can put a deposit down on a family home, go on holiday and get a new car. It will turn our lives around and more importantly it will let me spend more time with my family.

David added, "It's a really close community but I think that this win will bring our little community that bit closer together. It's special."

Bob is a sales manager who had a hip replacement two weeks ago. He managed to get back on his feet to take delivery of his winning cheque. He and his partner Vanessa have six adult children between them who will all be looking forward to a treat.

Bob said, "I was gobsmacked when I opened that cheque, I've never won anything. I've been playing right from the start, and I do it because of the charities. They are all wonderful, and it is amazing to think that my £10 a month goes to that £450 Million that has been raised for charity."

Jeff Brazier said, "We had an amazing day in Dartford and kicked off the weekend in style for our winners. It's amazing to be able to knock on someone's door, give them that cheque, and see the difference that win can make to their lives!"

Charities Across Britain

With a minimum of 32% of the ticket price going to charities and good causes, players have raised over £450 Million for more than 6,500 deserving projects and organisations to date.

The Postcode Millions prize is part of a draw promoted by Postcode Earth Trust, which funds a range of charities including the National Trust, which has received over £2.2 Million thanks to our players. The National Trust manages the rare 13th century chapel, St John's Jerusalem in Dartford. 

Check out more pictures from the Dartford celebrations in our July Postcode Millions photo album on Facebook.

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Published: 02/08/2019

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