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Street Prize

Hoo Is The Winner

03 October 2020 - ME3 9LH - Hoo - £30,000
Judie with a cheque for our Hoo winner who picked up £60,000 thanks to playing with two tickets!

It's an exciting weekend for nine Hoo residents after their postcode, ME3 9LH, was announced as the winner of our Saturday Street Prize. Eight of the lucky residents netted £30,000 each, while the ninth doubled their prize to £60,000 thanks to playing with two tickets!

The winners found out how much they'd won over video calls with Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt.

Michele was our lucky winner who netted the stunning £60,000 sum and was tearful when she found out how much she had won.

"Oh wow! That's amazing. I can't believe it. I feel so happy I want to skip down the close!

"That has actually made my whole year. Oh gosh I have a runny nose now. I can't take it in."

Michele added, "I've got three daughters, three grandchildren and two step sons. This means we can have a lovely Christmas after such a rotten year. It means so much. I can't even talk, I have a lump in my throat."

Michele's partner was at work when she took the call, but she plans to surprise him with the news.

"He usually cooks dinner every day, so I'm going to go out tonight and buy a special dinner and get his favourite wine. He will wonder what on earth is going on!"

A Spa Day

Construction company worker Sharon was shocked when she caught glimpse of her £30,000 cheque.

"Wow! Never in a million years did I think I would get one."

With her daughter on the phone throughout the reveal, Sharon detailed how she would first spend the money, "Me and my daughter can go on a proper spa day, it's my birthday next week so even better!"

Sharon was at work when she received the call, so she had some excited colleagues to share the good news with.

"Everyone in the office is waiting for me upstairs so we might need to have some champagne later!" said Sharon.

Gas engineer Patrick was hard at work when he received the call, and had to pull up in his van.

When Judie revealed his cheque, he couldn't quite believe it, and said, "I'm speechless and amazed, it's going to change our lives that's for sure. This isn't a wind up is it?!"

Patrick plans to use the money to treat his family to a dream holiday. Patrick said, "I can look at booking Disney for my daughter. She will absolutely love that! When we can, we will definitely go on holiday, that will be the number one thing. It just feels like I don't have to worry."

Patrick couldn't wait to share the good news with his wife, and took a screenshot of the video call to send to her.

"I'd told my wife I was getting this call, but I can't just text her to say I've won 30 grand! She will be over the moon. There will definitely be a takeaway for dinner tonight to treat the family, we'll just have a bit of fun!"

Socially Distanced Applause

Retiree Roy was with his wife Maggie when he found out how much he had won.

Maggie said, "Wow! Fantastic. We'll have a socially distanced applause with all of our neighbours!"

Roy said, "I didn't think we'd get that much!"

They hope to book a holiday with the cash, but will also help out their family. Roy added, "We would go on holiday but they keep getting cancelled! We will save some for when the world gets going again though.

"We'll also put some into an account for our grandchildren. They're young now but we can keep it aside and they can get their first car with it."

When asked how they would be celebrating, Roy joked, "I can't really celebrate as I'm getting my flu jab this afternoon!"

Maggie added, "Well I will have a glass of champagne! I always have some in the fridge just in case."

Judie McCourt said, "It was an absolute pleasure to speak to so many of our Hoo winners and give them some good news! I'm sending a big congratulations to all of them."

Amazing Charities

This prize was part of a draw promoted by People's Postcode Trust which provides funding to promote human rights, combat discrimination and prevent poverty.

With People's Postcode Lottery, 32% of the ticket price goes to a wide range of Charities in the UK and internationally. Our players have raised over £600 Million and counting so far!

Why not take a look at all the amazing Prizes players of People's Postcode Lottery can win? If you'd like to join the fun, find out How It Works and sign up to play today!

Published: 03/10/2020

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