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Street Prize

Surprise For St Michaels

07 March 2020 - L17 7DR - St Michaels - £30,000

It's a super Saturday for five neighbours in St Michaels who are celebrating after their lucky postcode, L17 7DR, was drawn as a winner of today's Street Prize. Four of the Buckland Street residents each netted £30,000 cheques, while the fifth picked up a sensational £60,000 thanks to playing with two tickets.

Over The Moon

Our double-ticket winner Thomas was delighted with his £60,000 cheque. He said, "My world has just expanded! It's not sunk in yet but I'm over the moon with what I've got. I'm absolutely gobsmacked. I'll wake up in the morning and wonder what to do with it, that's when my brain will go into overdrive!"

When asked what he'd spend the winnings on he said, "I've been ill for quite a while so I definitely need to get myself out. I'll put some in the bank so we'll see what happens, but I want to get out and about more. I'm very content with this."

With 32% of the ticket price going to good causes, our players are supporting Charities by playing. Thomas said, "I'll definitely keep playing as it gives money to those who need it. It makes you feel good knowing you're doing your bit to help people who need it more than you."

Unbelievable Feeling

Neighbour Michael also won £30,000 and couldn't quite believe it when he received his prize. Michael said, "This kind of thing never happens to me! I just don't believe it. It's an unbelievable feeling I'm having right now. I'm in utter shock, I really am!"

Michael was able to leave work early to meet our Street Prize team and receive his cheque in person. He said, "I'm going to take a picture of the cheque and send it to one of my workmates who let me get off early. I thought it would only be £1,000 - I can't believe it's actually happened to me!"

When asked what he'd do with the winnings Michael said, "The Dominican Republic! It's actually possible to go places and do things now. It's really taken the edge off things. My plan for tonight is to get some champagne and have a good time as this has really lifted my spirits up."

Just Fab

Lucky winner Susan was just as pleased with her £30,000 cheque. She said, "Wow! I can't believe it." When asked how she felt about winning, she said, "It's just lovely, it's just lovely to know that you've got that. It's just fab."

Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt was in St Michaels to meet our winners. She said, "It was lovely to meet Thomas, Michael and Susan and present them with their cheques. They were over the moon with their winnings and it sounds like the money means a lot to them. Congratulations to the other winners who we were unable to meet in person, I'm sure they'll be just as delighted with their prize!"

Good Causes Across Britain

With 32% of the ticket price going to deserving projects, players of People's Postcode Lottery have now raised £500 Million for more than 7,500 charities and good causes across Great Britain as well as internationally.

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted by WWF-UK, which has received over £15 Million thanks to our generous players. This funding is helping the charity work hard towards reversing the effects of plastic waste, climate change, illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss to bring about a brighter future for our planet.

Local charities also benefit from player support. Last year, The Greenbank Project received £16,300 to introduce 600 young disabled people to power hockey. The sport uses specially developed wheelchairs that enable people of all abilities to play a fun and fast game.

Have you been thinking about playing People's Postcode Lottery but not set up your subscription yet? There are Prizes announced every day. Find out more about How It Works. You don't want to miss out if your postcode gets picked. If you sign up to play, you never know - one of our presenters could come knocking on your door with a golden envelope just for you!

Published: 07/03/2020

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