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Street Prize

Happy Hartlepool

10 July 2021 - TS24 0JQ - Hartlepool - £30,000
Danyl has amazing cheques for our latest Street Prize winners

Twelve Hartlepool neighbours are celebrating today after learning they have won £30,000 cheques with their postcode. 

The whopping windfall comes after TS24 0JQ was announced as a winner with People's Postcode Lottery. The neighbours netted a £30,000 cash prize for each ticket they play with. One winner scooped a staggering £60,000, all thanks to playing with two tickets. 

Celebrating Big Style

Lynne was stunned upon learning she had won £30,000. She found out about her win during a video call with Street Prize Presenter Danyl Johnson. Lynne said, "Oh brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I'm over the moon!"

Lynne was joined on the call by her husband Terence. He laughed and added, "Good grief!"

The couple plan on celebrating the news with a big family day out soon. Lynne said, "We'll have a party. It's carnival Saturday, where we live, in a couple weeks so we'll be celebrating big style!"

Lynne was pleased to hear so many of her neighbours had won as well. She added, "It's absolutely brilliant. We live in a small community and we are very close. Everyone looks out for each other."

Lynne said she was looking forward to sharing her good fortune with her family. She said, "I'm going to see my family well off. I've got six grandchildren, so I'll look after those and my family, my sons and daughter-in-laws."

After a brief pause, she added, "And my husband."  Terence laughed and responded, "I'm the back of the queue!"

When asked if she had in mind any treats for herself, Lynne said, "I don’t think about myself. As long my family is alright, then I'm alright."

Best Birthday Ever

Another winner looking forward to treating their family was Sorelle. Before Sorelle had even seen what she had won, she was already hoping to use the winnings to treat her daughter. Sorelle said, "I've got an eight-year-old daughter who's about to turn nine so I'll give her the best birthday party ever."

Sorelle was left shocked when her prize cheque was revealed. She said, "£30,000! Oh my goodness. That's amazing. Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you! I don't know what else to say! It's life-changing for me."

The mum-of-one, who had moved to the area in the last year, said she would be treating her daughter and family with her winnings. Sorelle said, "The place that we've moved to has got a garden, we've never had a garden before so I'm going to get a swing set and a climbing frame. I've got a big family, they've worked so hard over the COVID pandemic, so it would be lovely to give them a treat that they deserve so much."

Sorelle felt one big purchase might be on the cards. She said, "Definitely a car, my one is all rusty and falling apart. I've never had an up-to-date car so that's something I'll be considering."

Danyl Johnson sent his well-wishes to all our lucky winners. Danyl said, "It was so nice to bring this great news to Lynne and Sorelle and I am so happy for them and all our other Hartlepool winners. I'm sure they'll all be so excited with this surprise. I hope they can celebrate this weekend and enjoy treating themselves with their winnings."

Every day throughout our July draws one postcode will be announced as a £30,000 Street Prize winner. Every player in that lucky postcode will win £30,000 for every ticket they play.

Changing The World

33% of ticket sales goes directly to a range of amazing charities and good causes. Players of People's Postcode Lottery have to date raised over £750 Million for thousands of deserving projects across Britain and around the world. 

This prize was part of a draw promoted on behalf of Postcode Education Trust. Postcode Education Trust has a mission to provide education, particularly to those living in emergency situations.This trust supports wonderful organisations such as War Child, Save the Children and UNICEF UK with regular grant funding.

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Published: 10/07/2021

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