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£1 Million Prize

Tain's Millionaire Street

10 June 2023 - IV19 1LZ - Tain - £1 Million

Nine neighbours in Tain are celebrating today as their postcode, IV19 1LZ, has won our weekly Millionaire Street prize. Six of the residents landed £83,333 each, while the remaining three doubled their prizes to £166,666 thanks to playing with two tickets.

Dream Kitchen

A builder is hoping for a new digger after his wife was one of our lucky £166,666 winners - but only after he finishes her dream kitchen. Stunned Angela is eager for husband Gordon to complete the work, but the digger-daft dad-of-two would like to add to his fleet.

The amazed pair, who have lived at the same address for over 30 years, couldn't believe their luck when our Postcode Lottery team turned up at their front door.

Angela said, "It's crazy! I didn't think for one second I'd won that much. I'll be able to get the kitchen that I want now."

Gordon added, "It's just incredible - it's a lifetime's worth of money."

But Gordon, who owns a small building company, couldn't resist floating the idea of a new dream machine. He joked, "It'll be a digger for me, not a kitchen. I'll always want more diggers and there's always another type of digger that I'd like to buy."

"I have to admit Angela's kitchen has been a long time coming so that'll come first. The garden is a bit of a boorach [Scots for a right mess] at the moment because it's sitting waiting to be finished."

But firstly, the couple plan to help their two children, Lynsey and Alistair, to purchase their first homes. Gordon said, "We'd love to help get the kids on the property ladder.

"Lynsey lives in Glasgow and it's so expensive, a lot pricier than around here, and at Alistair's age it's nigh on impossible to buy."

Angela added, "He wants to build his own house at some point but he's still young. When we told him I'd won he said, 'Can I get a Volkswagen Golf R, mum?'"

And the pair want to splash out on a holiday to New York. Angela said, "We've never been, and we've talked about it a few times - so that'll be the first holiday at least."

Gordon added, "I keep thinking I'm dreaming or that there's a wee pixie on my shoulder."

Angela said, "It's great that so many have won in our postcode - we can have a wee Postcode Lottery party."

Birthday Surprise

Gobsmacked housekeeper Beata is planning on setting up her very own bed and breakfast after raking in £83,333. The mum-of-two said, "Oh my sweet Jesus Lord! It's mind-blowing and a life-changing amount of money.

"I've always dreamt about owning a little bed and breakfast somewhere on my doorstep and hopefully now that will happen.

"I pictured an idyllic cosy house with a log-burning fireplace. It would be something of my own that I could run and keep us going."

The win has come just a month before Beata celebrates her 40th birthday. She said the celebrations will go up a notch thanks to her cash windfall, and added, "I'd love to buy a really nice dress, but I think we'll also go to Florida - hell yeah!"

The couple, who have been together for 13 years, are looking forward to surprising their two kids with the holiday of a lifetime. Beata said, "They'll go bonkers. We'll probably make a crazy reveal and tell them they are going to Florida."

The mum-of-two was at work when People's Postcode Lottery Presenter Danyl Johnson came knocking before husband Oliver phoned her to come home. Oliver said, "When I told her someone has just turned up at the door and said she'd won, I honestly thought it would be a couple hundred pound.

"She's occasionally even said to me, 'I've been playing the Postcode Lottery for years and I never win anything,' and now she really has."

Oliver, who worked as a flooring contractor before changing profession, said, "I quit my job as a tradesman because my body started to give up and she's been working her guts out the last two years.

"It's been really hard over the last few years, and she's had to prop me up a few times and I love her for that - she's been amazing."

The couple, who enjoy classical music, are hoping to squeeze in a trip to Vienna to watch world-renowned violinist and conductor André Rieu in concert. Beata said, "We are so going to see him! We watched him and it was just amazing - that would be the icing on the cake."

A Big Shock

Across the road, semi-retired lumberjack James bagged £166,666 with two winning tickets. The grandad-of-four said, "It's a shock to the system. It's more money than we've ever had."

His wife, Kate, added, "It'll change our lives considerably and more importantly it'll help our kids and grandkids. It'll stretch far and wide."


Project manager Andrew netted the same dazzling amount as his neighbour James. The Tain dad couldn't believe his good fortune. He said, "I was a little bit apprehensive at first, but I was left speechless when I found out it was real."

Andrew added, "I went on a boys' holiday at the beginning of this year and it's about time I spoiled the family and took them away.

"I've always wanted to go to Bora Bora. It's always been on the bucket list, but it's always been unaffordable and there's a potential for that turn into a reality now."

A few neighbours mistook our Postcode Lottery team's visit for something else before realising their postcode had won big. Gordon said, "I thought it was the postie when I went to the door, but it was someone different in red."

People's Postcode Lottery Presenter Danyl Johnson said, "I had a wonderful time in sunny Tain surprising many of our shocked winners. I think the winning neighbours will be having a pretty epic BBQ to celebrate this weekend.

He added, "I love visiting winners in Scotland, especially the Scottish Highlands. It's a beautiful part of the world."

Thousands Of Good Causes

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted on behalf of Postcode Education Trust (opens in a new tab). Supported by our players, this trust delivers grant funding to organisations that provide education, particularly in emergency situations. Benefiting charities include AfriKids, War Child and Save the Children.

With 33% of the ticket price going to charities and good causes, players of People's Postcode Lottery have now raised more than £1.1 Billion for thousands of projects and groups. Our players are changing lives for the better.

Fantastic Prizes are announced every single day, and it couldn't be easier to take part. If you're not playing yet then check out How It Works, and if you're feeling lucky, sign up to play.

Published: 10/06/2023

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