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Street Prize

Windfall In Wigston

10 May 2021 - LE18 4NW - Wigston - £30,000
Danyl has golden envelopes for 11 lucky winners in Wigston

11 neighbours in Wigston welcomed £30,000 windfalls today, all thanks to playing People's Postcode Lottery. The lucky winners landed their cheques after their postcode, LE18 4NW, was drawn in today's #30KADAY Street Prize.

These prizes are part of our special #30KADAY celebrations in which one postcode is revealed as a winner every day in May's draws, and every ticket in that postcode picks up a fantastic £30,000 cheque.

Wedding Plans

Two of our winners were Hannah and Dale, a young couple who bagged a whopping £90,000 as they were playing with three tickets between them. The couple are now planning for a wedding, honeymoon, and a big family holiday to Sardinia after getting engaged two months ago. Amazingly, this is the second lottery win for the family after the bride-to-be's father won in 2015.

The couple found out how much they'd won on a video call with Street Prize Presenter Danyl Johnson. Hannah and Dale were together when their prizes were revealed. Dale shouted, "Yes!" in delight after seeing his £30,000 prize. 

Hannah, since she was playing with two tickets, was left shocked when Danyl revealed her £60,000 cheque. She exclaimed, "Oh my goodness. Wow! Thank you so much, I'm shaking." Dale added, "I think we'll have smiles on our faces for the next year."

The engaged couple have a wedding planned for August 2023 and are now looking to add more people to their wedding party. Hannah laughed and said, "The party has just got bigger." Dale said, "We now have time to plan out the day we want, the perfect day as well as a honeymoon would be great, because we need a holiday."

Hannah's dad won with People's Postcode Lottery in 2015 netting a £25,000 cheque. At that time Hannah just missed out as she had changed the postcode she plays with after completing her university studies. She said, "You just think lightning never strikes twice, it's amazing."

Hannah works as a nursery teacher and has been working throughout the pandemic, while Dale has been working from home in an accounts team for a retail company and the win will make a big difference to their lives. Dale said, "It means everything because we can finally treat ourselves in a way." Hannah added, "It's a big weight lifted massively. We can create lots of memories with the money - do lots of things to make up for lost time from the last year. The last year has been hard with the little ones because we've been wearing masks and visors while we've been working, it's been really quite challenging."

The couple also are now looking at treating their family and going on a long-awaited holiday back to Sardinia. Hannah said, "We haven't been on holiday for a long time, we finally booked a cruise and that got cancelled. We want to revisit Sardinia with the family just before the wedding and this will help massively towards that." Dale laughed and said, "It can be our treat now." 

Dale was thrilled to hear about the supported Charities as well. He said, "It's an incredible feeling as it's not just us that have won, there is other people on the street that are sharing the same feeling as we are. And more importantly the charities are winning, especially after the year that we've had this year. The Postcode Lottery is massive for those charities, who probably need it more than most at this time."

Birthday Treat

Father-of-five Kenrick punched the air in celebration after finding out that he'd won £30,000. After his cheque was revealed, he said, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Wow, wow, wow! I'm blessed."

Kenrick works as a bus driver and his first thoughts turned to his daughter's birthday next month. He said, "It's my daughter's birthday next month. It's going be a great month, she's going to be blown away and it's my birthday as well." Kenrick hasn't seen her for over 18 months as she lives in Antigua and he's eager to see her when travel is allowed. He said, "I normally travel to Antigua every year but because of the pandemic, I haven't seen her since 2019." 

After a tough year, the win has come at the right time for Kenrick and his family and he can't wait to surprise his wife, Clover, with the news. He said, "I can definitely sleep easy. I plan to surprise the wife when she gets home from work."

Absolutely Amazing

Stacey was another lucky neighbour to take home £30,000. Stacey had tears in her eyes after Danyl revealed her big cheque. She said, "Wow, thank you. I don't think I've ever had that amount of money - It's absolutely amazing."

The mum-of-two, who works in a local school, plans to treat her teenage daughter and son with the winnings and go on a family vacation. She said, "It's nice to be able to treat everyone, I think I'll let the children decide where they want to go on holiday."

After the calls Danyl Johnson said, "What a fantastic surprise for our winning players from Wigston. It was so amazing to hear how much the winnings will help with weddings, holidays and treating their families. Congratulations to all of our lucky players and I hope they enjoy spending their winnings."

Deserving Projects Around The World

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted by Postcode Education Trust. This trust supports organisations including War Child, Book Aid International and UNICEF with regular grant funding.

Players aren't the only ones who benefit from People's Postcode Lottery. 32% of the ticket price goes to charities and good causes. Thanks to our players, more than £700 Million has been raised for over 9,000 deserving projects around the world.

Not playing yet? Do you know about all the amazing Prizes our players can win? Learn about how People's Postcode Lottery works and sign up to play today.

Published: 10/05/2021

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