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£1 Million Prize

Prestwich's Millionaire Street

13 May 2023 - M25 2QL - Prestwich - £1 Million

A mum and dad and two kids are celebrating family fortunes after all four won a share of today's Millionaire Street prize. Marilyn, husband John, daughter Jo, and son Fran each bagged £58,823 cheques.

A jubilant Jo revealed that the other three have her to thank for their good fortune. The hotel duty manager was first to sign up for People's Postcode Lottery before persuading her parents and brother to join in.

All Shook Up

This is the first time an entire household of four has won a top prize with individual tickets. Now the fab four plan to celebrate with holidays and a revamp of the semi they have all shared for 37 years.

Taxi driver dad John - a big Elvis fan - said, "My favourite Elvis song is The Wonder Of You, but I'm All Shook Up now!

"I never expected to win the big one, but I'm glad that we did. I never had this sort of money before. It gives you a sense of being able to do what you want to do - a sense of freedom."

Jo said, "I told everyone else to play the Postcode Lottery because I thought it was a good thing to do.

"I've been playing for 10 years, and I started to think we'd never win big, but I have now - we all have. It'll definitely take the pressure off."

Mum-of-five Marilyn, a retired hotel chambermaid, said, "It's very special. I'm excited, shaky, nervous, and just want a cup of tea."

Dad-of-two Fran added, "It was my sister Jo that started playing, then my mum, then I followed, and my dad joined in. Cheers to Jo. Appreciate it, kid.

"I'm quite excited. It's not sunk in, but maybe when I've had a brew and a biscuit."

The family, of Prestwich, Greater Manchester, were among 15 neighbours to share in our Millionaire Street prize after their M25 2QL postcode came up trumps. Every ticket scooped £58,823, but a couple of the players had signed up for two subscriptions, so they doubled their prize money.

At their home, Fran and sister Jo were already dreaming of a luxury holiday. Decorating shop boss Fran said, "Private villa in the Algarve for two weeks and then we'll take it from there when we get back. Especially when it's a villa, not a hotel. I'm not snobby, it's just a preference and it's a preference we can now afford."

He added, "My daughter has been on at me since I got told I'd won something, and she's already been spending it. She's got a baby due in September, so I can help out with that. If you knew my daughter or my son, you'd know that the money will be spent quickly!"

Jo said, "A holiday is definitely the first thing we'll spend the money on - we'll be booking up ASAP. We definitely need one. But I need to renew my passport first."

Win Not Wind-Up

The family thought their win was a wind-up at first after they each got a call from People's Postcode Lottery. But they quickly realised it was real after phoning round each other.

Great-grandparents John and Marilyn were about to tuck into a burger in their car during a short break in Blackpool when their phones started ringing.

Fran said, "Someone has tried scamming me twice, so when I got the call telling me I'd won I didn't believe it. I texted our kid, Jo, and asked if she'd had a call. Then my mum phoned me and told me they'd also got a call and it was all real."

But the family were delighted when they found out they were sharing the jackpot cash with 11 other neighbours.

John, originally from Glasgow, said, "It feels good to be winning with some of our neighbours. It's a good street and everyone gets on. It's also great that the charities are getting something out of it."

Jo said, "It's great to share the joy of winning with family." But joker Fran added, "We're not sharing, we've all won."

A Brilliant Surreal

Next door neighbour Cassandra planned to break out the bubbly after finding out that she'd won £58,823. She gasped in disbelief on seeing her windfall. She said, "It feels so surreal, but a brilliant surreal.

"I've got some champagne in the fridge that we've saved for a special occasion, and what better occasion than this."

The ecstatic mum-of-two is looking forward to proving her dubious boss wrong. Cassandra, an accountancy firm payroll officer, said, "I told my boss that I'd won the Postcode Lottery and he said, 'It's probably a scam'.

"I can't wait to go back in tomorrow and tell him that it's not - I've won!"

Cassandra, who surprised her husband and two young boys with the news after they returned home, said the money will go a long way. She said, "£58,823 will do a lot for our family which is amazing.

"We can finally finish off our house extension. We haven't been able to complete it as we didn't have the money, and now we can. And we'll have more time to have fun with the kids."

The family is also looking out their passports for a long-awaited holiday. Cassandra said, "We can go on a family holiday abroad, which we've not been on for over six years. It'll be the boys' choice. Anywhere that's sunny. Who knows where they'll choose?"

Humbled To Have Won

Across the road, winner Ruth reckoned that her neighbours hope she spends some of her winnings on making her clapped-out 'C' reg Volkswagen T25 camper van roadworthy.

Mum-of-two Ruth, who celebrated with IT consultant husband Andy, said, "We could maybe get it through the MOT now. It has broken down quite a lot. When we reversed it off the drive recently, it went on fire in the street. The neighbours said we might be able to get a new one now."

Business continuity manager Ruth also plans a family break to Portugal, to help her kids get on the property ladder, a replacement for her 20-year-old sofa - and new toys for miniature poodle Jack.

The food bank volunteer added, "I'm really humbled to have won this kind of money. I'm gobsmacked."

Big House Revamp

Myra doubled her prize to £117,646 thanks to playing with two tickets, and now plans a house revamp as well as a dream holiday to Thailand.

The mum-of-two, who was about to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne, said, "I'm a widow and have been trying to keep the house on my own. It needs a lot doing to it and it's difficult. This will go a long way to getting that right.

Golden Slippers

Lucky winner Libby was lost for words when presented with her cheque in the back garden of her semi. And she was so excited, she didn't even notice that she was still in her slippers - in the rain. Now she admits she can afford golden slippers!

Libby said, "I've been playing Postcode Lottery for a long, long time and I'm absolutely amazed by this. It's a lot of money - more than I've ever had."

The retired civil servant wants to do work on the house and spoil her grandsons - and thinks husband Ian, a former motorway infrastructure engineer, will be hankering after another classic car to add to the three he previously owned.

But she has a serious spend to take care of first. The mum-of-two, who enjoys a red wine tipple, said, "This is going to sound really silly, but me and my husband are not in the first flush of youth, and we have two kids.

"We're going to sort our funerals out, so it is all done for them."

Disney World Adventure

Charity shop worker Sandra also bagged £58,823 and plans on treating her daughter and grandson to a family trip to Florida.

As a child, daughter Emily had asked her mum for a Disney World adventure, but Sandra and husband John never had the cash to do it - until now.

John said, "Years ago when we had Emily, we always wanted to take her to Disney World but never got round to it - we can now.

"I'm in the furniture trade and it was up and down, Sandra was made redundant back then, and we had to save again and then you spend it on other stuff."

The thrilled pair put their house on the market in August last year, but it didn't sell. John said he's thankful they didn't end up downsizing and miss out on the bumper win. He said, "I did say at the time there is a reason why it's not sold, and this is it."

Incredibly, the winning postcode is just five miles away from another road in Swinton, Greater Manchester, which bagged our very first Millionaire Street prize a week ago.

Postcode Lottery Presenters Danyl Johnson and Matt Johnson teamed up this week to double the joy in Prestwich. Danyl said, "It's always a great occasion when so many people have won on the same street - it's a proper street party.

"I hope they all enjoy the celebrations and spending the cash. I'm already looking forward to visiting our next Millionaire Street."

Supporting Good Causes

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted on behalf of Postcode Planet Trust (opens in a new tab). Supported by our players, this trust delivers grant funding to organisations that work to protect and promote our environment and wildlife. Benefiting charities include WWF-UK, Marine Conservation Society and The Wildlife Trusts.

It's not just People's Postcode Lottery winners who benefit though. Our amazing players have raised more than £1.1 Billion for thousands of good causes across Britain and around the world. 33% of the ticket price funds life-changing projects which make a difference to people and the planet. Find out more about the range of charities and good causes our players support.

Want to know more about People's Postcode Lottery? Take a look at our How It Works page and check out all the fabulous Prizes our players can win every single month. Why not sign up to play today? Every Saturday £1 Million will be shared by one postcode in our Millionaire Street.

Published: 13/05/2023

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