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Street Prize

Cha-Ching For Chorley

14 December 2021 - PR6 0TN - Chorley - £30,000
Judie has some absolutely cracking £30,000 Street Prizes for today's lucky winners in Chorley

Welcome to another day of #30KADAY Street Prize festivities! Every day throughout our December draws, right up until 7th January 2022, each player in a winning postcode receives a £30,000 cheque for every ticket they play with. 

Today, Chorley postcode PR6 0TN got lucky, landing each of our fourteen winners £30,000!

Still A Shock

Kenneth learned of his £30,000 windfall during a video call with Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt. After seeing all those zeros on his cheque, he joked, "Oh wow! That's a lot of mince pies!"

His partner, Ani, thought their win was life-changing for them both, especially after a difficult period in their lives. She said, "Ken has been amazing over the last ten years. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Our last 10 years have been horrendous, and he's been amazing.

"I got ill, and I spent 18 months just living in A&E, and a couple years after that I got made redundant. I thought it would be easy to get another job, but it wasn't. We managed to head-off losing everything and that's all down to Kenneth - he's been amazing." Kenneth, who runs a business selling vinyl records, added, "I couldn't have done it without Ani's support."

When asked on how they might spend their winnings Kenneth had a few ideas. He said, "Ani will get a designer handbag! When we can holiday again, it'll be great to have a holiday away somewhere. I'll get a pair of slippers - I'll be happy with that. We'll enjoy it and there will be some nice Christmas presents." Ani added, "We've got champagne in the kitchen, so I think that's going to get opened first of all. It's still a shock."

Absolutely Buzzing

One of Kenneth's neighbours, Jonathan, also won a big cheque. He burst into laughter after seeing the amount. He said, "Oh wow! Get in there! £30,000, I can't believe it. That's life-changing, that. I'm absolutely buzzing.

"I'm just shell-shocked. I usually have something to say but stuff like this doesn't usually happen to me!"

The dad-of-three said the winnings would help with his family plans and that some festive treats might be happening in the future. He added, "It's just going to change everything we've got planned. We've just had a baby and we need a new car, and this will give us that kick start. It gives me a fresh start - it gives me the chance to kick on in life. It's honestly life-changing. I'll use it wisely, but I'll make sure the kids are sorted and have a really nice Christmas."

With so many of his neighbours winning, Jonathan was thrilled for the neighbourhood. He said, "It's a friendly and tight-knit community. It's the sort of place where, when you walk down the street, everyone will say 'hello', and everybody will help each other out. I'm absolutely over the moon."

Home Renovations

Robert was another lucky winner and hoped to put his prize money towards home renovations. He said, "We've just decided to upgrade the kitchen and dining room and it's not far off that amount!"

He was delighted to hear that players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised over £800 Million for charities and good causes, especially as he volunteers with a local community group. He said, "I'm a member of the local church and we have an open kitchen where anyone come for a meal at night-time. We've got a meeting place where people who have been struggling at home on their own can come and chat to each other. We've got asylum seekers who come in afternoon and we make certain they go away with something to eat, we've got quite a few things going on."

Family Treat

Our fourth winner to receive a video call from Judie McCourt was David, who was with his wife Joan. As Judie revealed their £30,000 cheque, Joan exclaimed, "Oh wow, flipping heck!" David laughed and said, "That's absolutely brilliant. It's great, especially in front of Christmas."

The parents-of-three said they were looking forward to treating their family for Christmas, with their six grandchildren in mind. David added, "It means a great deal - we can get some jobs done and we can treat the kids and grandkids."

When asked if they wanted anything for themselves, David said, "We've wanted a new bathroom for ages so that's a priority."

A Very Merry Christmas

The last winner Judie caught up with was Norman and his partner Jacqueline. After seeing how much they'd won, the couple clapped and cheered. Norman said, "That's going to make people's Christmas a little bit happier." Jacqueline agreed and added, "Super-duper-duper. Oh, fabulous."

Norman's first thoughts were for his family, and the windfall would make the holidays extra special. He said, "It's going to give us the chance to make it a very merry Christmas and a happy new year for the kids and grandkids."

After the couple were asked if they would get something for themselves, Joan said, "I'm sure we'll treat us as well, I'm not sure what to. We'll need to let it settle in! Maybe a new oven - our oven door fell off, so we'll get a new one."

After the video calls Judie McCourt sent her well-wishes to all our winners. She said, "With Christmas around the corner, I'm sure all of our Chorley winners will already have plans for the cash! A massive congratulations to them all. It was lovely to present them with this surprise and I hope they all have fun with the winnings."

Thousands Of Good Causes

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted on behalf of Postcode Planet Trust. Through regular grant funding, this trust supports organisations like WWF-UK, Marine Conservation Society and The Wildlife Trusts, working to protect and promote our environment and wildlife.

With 33% of the ticket price going to charities and good causes, players of People's Postcode Lottery have now raised more than £800 Million for over 9,000 projects and groups. Our players are changing lives for the better every day.

Fantastic Prizes are announced every day, too, and it couldn't be easier to take part. If you're not playing yet check out How It Works, and, if you're feeling lucky, sign up to play.

Published: 14/12/2021

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